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Ghoulia McHaunty @thejumbles · 6d

Have never seen anything this pure https://t.co/IkKTtqEGAe

THIS is why capybaras are #1 on my #mswl https://t.co/P5zst53Uz8

Julia S. Pumpkins @thejumbles · 2w

Final #mswl for the night: if Joanna Newsom’s music could be distilled into a story.

Julia S. Pumpkins @thejumbles · 2w

Another deeply-desired #mswl involves magical realism + bicultural characters negotiating their identities, MG or YA

Julia S. Pumpkins @thejumbles · 2w

For my 1st #mswl , I’m starting strong with any picture book that involves capybaras and their ability to befriend all kinds of critters.