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Ghoulia McAhhhhhhh!rthy @thejumbles · 12 Oct 2018

The more books I acquire, the more I realize that my brand is 100% “friendship is magic.” Give me your spooky, magical romps with strong relationships! #MSWL

Ghoulia McAhhhhhhh!rthy @thejumbles · 4 Sep 2018

Guys, @capeybara just said she’s “casting pasta spells,” and now that concept is on my #MSWL

Ghoulia McAhhhhhhh!rthy @thejumbles · 2 Aug 2018

Guys I just really love pigeons ok? In fact, a picture book about pigeons would definitely be on my #MSWL

Ghoulia McAhhhhhhh!rthy @thejumbles · 30 Jul 2018

We need to do right by this planet. Would absolutely love a picture book about the Amazon that sheds light on how desperately we need to care for our natural resources and marginalized societies. #MSWL…

Ghoulia McAhhhhhhh!rthy @thejumbles · 26 Jul 2018

My big #MSWL mood tonight: What if Fargo, but YA?

Ghoulia McAhhhhhhh!rthy @thejumbles · 16 Jul 2018

Didn’t get the lovely submission I wanted, but it just means my heart is open to more picture books about activism, compassion, and self-esteem! #MSWL

Ghoulia McAhhhhhhh!rthy @thejumbles · 6 Jun 2018

Hello I would really love to edit some Lovecraftian YA that empowers a marginalized protagonist (so basically Lovecraft Country for Youths) please and thank you #MSWL

Ghoulia McAhhhhhhh!rthy @thejumbles · 22 May 2018

Dream picture book concept for my #MSWL : a young witch in training explores her forest and uses the science found in nature to help tend to the world around her.

Ghoulia McAhhhhhhh!rthy @thejumbles · 15 May 2018

I dream of a picture book that looks and reads like a Joanna Newsom song #MSWL