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Brit Perilli (used to be Brooks) @Britny_Perilli · Aug 9

I don't know about the rest of you, but I love CLAMP and I would really love to read a playful, informative non-fiction book that looks at the history of the group and the amazing work that they have done since the early '80s.

Just saying. #MSWL

Brit Perilli (used to be Brooks) @Britny_Perilli · Jul 25

I feel so official now that my #mswl is up and running. Send me all of those geeky books!…

Brit Perilli (used to be Brooks) @Britny_Perilli · Jul 14

#mswl Someone write/send me a book about the fashion of Sailor Moon. Bonus points for closet organization and styling how-tos.

Please and thanks.

Brit Perilli (used to be Brooks) @Britny_Perilli · May 30

Someone should really write a Susan Orlean-styled book about the beginning of cosplay or the first comic con or something else equally geeky and send it to me!!
#mswl #fandom #nonfiction

Brit Perilli (used to be Brooks) @Britny_Perilli · Feb 6

Dear Universe,

I'd like to see some more contemporary MG submissions featuring video game nerds (and tournaments), awesome friendships, and relatable, diverse protagonists in the world.

Brit Perilli (used to be Brooks) @Britny_Perilli · Feb 5

Love is Hard for Otaku + diverse LGBTQ couple = Why do I not have this yet?!

Brit Perilli (used to be Brooks) @Britny_Perilli · 13 Sep 2018

Little late to #MSWL today, but I'd love for some agents to send some illustrated, quirky, pop culture adult nonfiction or some lighthearted, contemporary MG & YA with some strong nerd culture flavor! (I've been itching for some cosplay/comic con/food competition stories.)

Brit Perilli (used to be Brooks) @Britny_Perilli · 4 Aug 2018

I'd love to see a contemporary MG or YA cooking competition like Iron Chef or even something with a little more quirk like Food Wars. #mswl

Brit Perilli (used to be Brooks) @Britny_Perilli · 13 Jun 2018

As I slowly begin to acquire my own books (gasp, like a real editor!) I wanted to do my first #mswl! I'm looking for quirky, fun pop culture focused non fiction. Give me a new take on Fangirl's Guide to the Galaxy, Spectacular Sisterhood of Superwomen, Alien Next Door, etc.!