Laura Crockett ☕️ @LECrockett · 5d

I’d love a YA w a protag whose life is out of the ordinary—focused on their music, dance, Olympic sport—pursuing dreams in that field #mswl

Laura Crockett ☕️ @LECrockett · Jan 2

Check out my #mswl for 2018, and what I’m looking forward to reading in the inbox!

Laura Crockett ☕️ @LECrockett · 20 Nov 2017

Holidays won't stop me from actively seeking contemporary, fantasy, & historical in YA/Adult, select MG mystery & fantasy 📚… #mswl

Laura Crockett ☕️ @LECrockett · 23 Oct 2017

#MSWLaesthetic A/YA romcom, workaholic on break from work/school for holidays, complex family dynamics, Kinsella/Rowell + 7 DAYS OF US #mswl

Laura Crockett ☕️ @LECrockett · 9 Oct 2017

W/o wifi for a wee bit, but that does not stop me from seeking great stories! Check out my #MSWLaesthetic &… #mswl

Laura Crockett ☕️ @LECrockett · 12 Sep 2017

Some readers have requested A/YA epistolary high fantasy. Epistolary is hard to do well even w/o fantasy! Do you have what it takes? ✨#mswl

Laura Crockett ☕️ @LECrockett · 12 Sep 2017

Very specific: A, YA, or MG about a painter (or apprentice to, or child of) during the 1666 London Fire. Straight HF or hist fantasy #mswl

Laura Crockett ☕️ @LECrockett · 12 Sep 2017

WF dual narratives with interesting conflicts, taboo topics, family history, etc! J. Picoult, B. Williams, K. Morton, K. Quinn... #mswl

Laura Crockett ☕️ @LECrockett · 12 Sep 2017

I'd adore a millennial-driven romcom a la MY NOT SO PERFECT LIFE. Those office/IT/job travel situations are full of excellent stories. #mswl

Laura Crockett ☕️ @LECrockett · 12 Sep 2017

Also check out my #MSWL #MSWLaesthetic posts for some projects I'm really eager to see!…

Laura Crockett ☕️ @LECrockett · 12 Sep 2017

It's #MSWL Day! To start off the upcoming list of tweets, take a look at my MSWL profile:…

Laura Crockett ☕️ @LECrockett · 5 Sep 2017

#MSWLaesthetic WF/YA/MG set on an apple orchard. Family-run, store + restaurant/bakery as well, dynamics with public/each other #mswl 🍎🍂