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Tiffany Shelton @TiffanyDiahann · Jun 13

#MSWL A rom-com in the style of The Wedding Date, Roomies, or The Kiss Quotient set in the south. Basically give me a rom-com Hart of Dixie.

Tiffany Shelton @TiffanyDiahann · May 16

Tiffany Shelton @TiffanyDiahann

Just finished BEHIND HER EYES by @SarahPinborough. THIS IS WHY I LOVE PSYCHOLOGICAL THRILLERS. I guessed half of the twist but was still surprised at the other half. @Flatironbooks

I'm always saying how I want the next TELL ME YOUR DREAMS by Sidney Sheldon and this definitely fit that bill. Will be adding this as a comp to my #MSWL.

So agents, if you have a psychological thriller like either of these two books, send it my way.

Tiffany Shelton @TiffanyDiahann · May 3

All of these #mermay posts is really making me want a mermaid book. #mswl #YA #mermaids

Tiffany Shelton @TiffanyDiahann · 23 Oct 2017

Black Girl Nerds @BlackGirlNerds

Shows with Black royalty in Medieval times…

BELLE is one of my favorite films and the first time been able to identify with a character. More historicals with black/mixed-races. #mswl

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