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Associate agent at Liza Dawson Associates. Thoughts are my own. Huge nerd, musical theater lover, Slytherin.

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Caitie Flum @caitief · 27 Sep 2017

Reading two middle grade books in my "for fun" reading time. It makes me long for more middle grade in my inbox. #MSWL

Caitie Flum @caitief · 18 May 2017

Still on the top of my #MSWL - MG that reminds me of Yuri On Ice.

Caitie Flum @caitief · 8 Feb 2017

In YA and MG, Iā€™d really like to see books of all genres with hope and humor. We all need escapism and joy, again, esp starring POC. #MSWL

Caitie Flum @caitief · 8 Feb 2017

And Iā€™m still looking for something that makes me feel like Yuri On Ice does. Would LOVE to see this in MG. Or YoI, the novel. #MSWL

Caitie Flum @caitief · 8 Feb 2017

Still at the top of my #MSWL: LGBTQ+ (including aro, ace, pan, poly, genderqueer). ALL of it, all genres, MG & up especially #ownvoices

Caitie Flum @caitief · 25 Aug 2016

I would love to see an #ownvoices YA or MG contemporary fantasy with Jewish characters and culture. #MSWL

Caitie Flum @caitief · 30 Jun 2016

MG or YA historical fiction like @RutaSepetys - forgotten history and really deep research. #MSWL

Caitie Flum @caitief · 30 Jun 2016

I would love to see something about coming back to real life after a reality show - MG, YA, or adult! #MSWL

Caitie Flum @caitief · 30 Jun 2016

MG that remind me of @anneursu and @clairelegrand - beautiful writing, thoughtful, and stories to get lost in. #MSWL

Caitie Flum @caitief · 30 Jun 2016

This one is very specific: MG or YA about character getting involved in local campaign about an issue #MSWL

Caitie Flum @caitief · 30 Jun 2016

If you have complex, difficult MCs like @courtney_s, please send them my way - MG, YA, and A #MSWL

Caitie Flum @caitief · 30 Jun 2016

YA/MG with intersectional diversity, especially w/ characters with disabilities, #ownvoices make me extra happy. All genres #MSWL

Caitie Flum @caitief · 29 Mar 2016

I'm still looking for great MG - not only does the voice need to be there, but you need to know what middle school is like today. #MSWL

Caitie Flum @caitief · 10 Mar 2016

In MG I would love a contemporary multicultural mystery - a group of friends solving a case together! #mswl

Caitie Flum @caitief · 10 Feb 2016

Time for some #MSWL - Still looking for cool females in space! #YA Still would love books w/ cults #MG #YA #A