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Associate agent at Liza Dawson Associates. Thoughts are my own. Huge nerd, musical theater lover, Slytherin.

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Caitie Flum @caitief · 5 Jun 2017

I love a good GIF on twitter, but a query is not the right place to tell your story in GIFs #querytip

Caitie Flum @caitief · 27 Oct 2016

I know it is really difficult, but a great hook can really make a difference in your query! #querytip

Caitie Flum @caitief · 10 Jun 2016

Responded to 100 queries this AM. Most common reason for no - sounded too much like everything else. Show why your book is diff. #querytip

Caitie Flum @caitief · 26 May 2016

Responding to queries biggest problem I am seeing: not saying what is it about. So many tell me nothing about the plot! #querytip

Caitie Flum @caitief · 15 Apr 2016

Queries that are from the perspective of the character just don't work. #querytip

Caitie Flum @caitief · 1 Apr 2016

"I know you request to only see the query first, but" No. Just no. #querytip

Caitie Flum @caitief · 11 Mar 2016

Your book w/ an eleven-year-old protagonist is not YA. #querytip

Caitie Flum @caitief · 19 Feb 2016

Just got a query saying something is MG/YA. #querytip -it isn't.

Caitie Flum @caitief · 29 Jan 2016

Do not write your query from the perspective of your MC. #querytip

Caitie Flum @caitief · 27 Jan 2016

Also - just because @misterkristoff used a Harry Potter comp, doesn't mean you can in your query. Don't. Please. My #querytip until I die

Caitie Flum @caitief · 15 Jan 2016

Never ever, ever, EVER compare your book to Harry Potter in your query. #querytip

Caitie Flum @caitief · 11 Jan 2016

Have someone who has not read your manuscript read the query and make sure it makes sense. Most common reason I rejected tonight. #querytip

Caitie Flum @caitief · 11 Jan 2016

If you spell my name wrong, I won't automatically reject you, but you're starting w/ irritating me. Don't do that #querytip

Caitie Flum @caitief · 8 Jan 2016

A romance novel should not be over 130,000 words... #querytip

Caitie Flum @caitief · 9 Dec 2015

Don't comp your YA contemporary to John Green. #querytip

Caitie Flum @caitief · 29 Oct 2015

If we interact on twitter/I follow you, make sure you mention it in query! #querytip (yes, this = subtweet and I mentioned it in email back)

Caitie Flum @caitief · 23 Oct 2015

Only query one project at a time. If I see 3 emails in a row w/ different projects in each one, pretty sure you didn't research. #querytip

Caitie Flum @caitief · 2 Oct 2015

If you are going to try to name drop Stephen King in your query, at least spell his name right. #querytip

Caitie Flum @caitief · 14 Sep 2015

Three queries in a row mentioned that their spouse loved the book. That is nice, but does not matter. #querytip

Caitie Flum @caitief · 5 Sep 2015

Of the last 30 queries I read, only 3 had hooks. Hooks make such a difference. Figure out what your hook is and include it! #querytip