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Jess Dallow @jldallow · Apr 22

Beware the Slenderman on HBO is really messed up, but fascinating. Absolutely worth the watch. (And because it’s on my mind, I would love a book about something like this. #MSWL)

Jess Dallow @jldallow · Apr 13

I have on Lucky 7 today, and I would like some fake dating manuscripts, pls. #MSWL #qualitytrope #qualitymovie

Jess Dallow @jldallow · Mar 3

I need a scene in a manuscript where a couple is dancing in the kitchen. That's all. (I had Shall We Dance on today...) #MSWL

Jess Dallow @jldallow · Feb 24

Jessica Goodman @jessgood

✨THEY WISH THEY WERE US ✨has a cover!!…

If you want to know what's on my #MSWL, this YA cover of a boarding school uniform with blood on it is EXACTLY IT.

Jess Dallow @jldallow · Feb 17

If you have a manuscript that’s like Sweet Home Alabama, please submit it to me!! #MSWL

Jess Dallow @jldallow · Feb 3

Curtis Sittenfeld @csittenfeld

I'm so excited to finally share the cover, pub date, and some other tidbits about my new novel Rodham on @people (!!!)

OMG, this is the book I want, but instead it’s ‘What if Charles had married Camilla from the start like he wanted to?’ That’s my #MSWL, but I also can’t wait to read the hell out of this book.

Jess Dallow @jldallow · Jan 30

Today’s work from home movies: When Harry Met Sally, What Women Want, Wet Hot American Summer, The Wedding Date

To relate it to my #MSWL, I don’t care what men want, but I do care about summer camp (counselors & their shenanigans-Upper YA/Adult) & rom-coms like TWD and WHMS (A)

Jess Dallow @jldallow · Jan 29

I'm redoing my #MSWL so I'll have a more in-depth list soon, but what I really want right now is small town romance. (Remember Finn on Grey's Anatomy, how he took Meredith on a date to birth a horse? Yeah, like that, but in a small town.) I just need some HEA and adorable towns

Jess Dallow @jldallow · 27 Sep 2019

Wait, I have another #MSWL item. Blended families!! There is nothing I love more than seeing exes okay with their former significant other’s new partner and vice versa. I need that happiness in my life.

Jess Dallow @jldallow · 26 Sep 2019

Is anyone listening to the Dateline's podcast The Thing About Pam? Come talk to me about it. (Also, this is very obviously my #MSWL)

Jess Dallow @jldallow · 24 Sep 2019

Oh hi, #ProdigalSon is 100% what I am looking for in book form. Son of a serial killer, now a criminal profiler, but also a little insane? Watch it, send it to me in book form. #MSWL

Jess Dallow @jldallow · 24 Sep 2019

Replying to @jldallow

And, of course, I am always looking for stories featuring disability, mental illness, LGBTQ, POC, #ownvoices, different cultures, different religions...INCLUSIVE. #MSWL

Jess Dallow @jldallow · 24 Sep 2019

Replying to @jldallow

#YA/#Adult: Male and female friendship that is strictly platonic. I love LGBTQ characters, but I'd like them to be straight to show that men & women can just be friends. Ex: Alex and Meredith (Grey’s), Delilah and Gary (A Million Little Things), Olivia and Nick (SVU) #MSWL

Jess Dallow @jldallow · 24 Sep 2019

Replying to @jldallow

#YA Female friendship stories. Complicated end of friendships, not because something dramatic happened, but because people grow apart. We have all lost that person we consider our
best friend. I want to feel it. (It doesn't have to be the full story.) #MSWL

Jess Dallow @jldallow · 24 Sep 2019

Replying to @jldallow

#adult Going back to the Quinceanera post that I retweeted earlier, I'd also love to see this done with a bat mitzvah. Having a bat mitzvah at 12/13 is very different than having one at 30. But, I just want my fun Jewish stories. #hotmitzvah #MSWL

Jess Dallow @jldallow · 24 Sep 2019

Stephanie Doig @stephaniedoig

For a long time now I've been looking for a contemporary romance in which an only child/lonely person is welcomed into a huge, sprawling, loving family. Think While You Were Sleeping. (We're looking now for romances for 2020's holiday season, hint hint.) #MSWL

Oh my god, YES, PLEASE. One of my favorite things about While You Were Sleeping is how close Lucy got to the Callaghan family (and Saul). I'm always looking for a story where someone is "taken in" and loved by a family not their own #MSWL