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Jess Dallow @jldallow · 16 May 2018

There are not enough novels dealing with families of mixed race and adoption. But I want it, I need it, send, send, send. #adultorya #allaboutthefamilies #MSWL

Jess Dallow @jldallow · 22 Apr 2018

Killing Eve. Killing Eve. Killing Eve. #MSWL. (Also, if you haven’t, please watch Killing Eve on BBC America)

Jess Dallow @jldallow · 16 Apr 2018

Orlando Dos Reis @odosreis

Dynasty, but YA #MSWL

YES, someone please send this to me. I'll take Dynasty, Dallas, any of those that focus on wealth, family, and drama, drama, drama. #MSWL

Jess Dallow @jldallow · 27 Mar 2018

New #MSWL want. It was the focus of a very recent SVU episode (…) but I'd love something that focuses on organ donation. Especially the gray areas; the right and wrong and how sometimes wrong is right.

Jess Dallow @jldallow · 22 Feb 2018

I read an ARC of Baby Teeth last week and this is, hands down, #1 on my #MSWL. The inner workings of a psychopath child. Everyone should read this come July. And if you have something similar, you know where to send it!

Jess Dallow @jldallow · 8 Feb 2018

Yup. Forever here for compassionate Olivia Benson and child psychopaths. (I’m super fun, I promise) #MSWL

Jess Dallow @jldallow · 2 Feb 2018

Since today is Groundhog Day, I would like to request a manuscript that is gender swapped Groundhog Day. Female relives the same day again and again. Changes. Falls in love. I NEED it. #MSWL

Jess Dallow @jldallow · 11 Dec 2017

#MSWL Alt history: What would have happened if Prince Charles chose Camilla instead of Diana all those years ago? What would England look like? Who are their kids? Would Diana still be in Charles’ life? What if, what if, what if.

Jess Dallow @jldallow · 12 Sep 2017

I'll stop being so dark now.I'm always looking for something like THE ROYAL WE. Hidden romance, secrets, great chars, humor, media #MSWL

Jess Dallow @jldallow · 12 Sep 2017

This has been pulled up on my browser for days...Would love something like this, too. #MSWL…

Jess Dallow @jldallow · 12 Sep 2017

In the vein of THUG, a book that shines a light on rape culture & the injustice. It's still not talked about enough & it needs to be. #MSWL