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Michael Bourret @MichaelBourret · Mar 21

#MSWL if you've got a novel with the sensibility of Gregg Araki, please send it my way. This man changed my life. (If you're queer and having seen THE LIVING END, please do.) vulture.com/2019/03/gregg-…

Michael Bourret @MichaelBourret · Jan 16

#MSWL: books for teens that deal with relationships/love/romance but that don't romanticize the notion of "the one."

Michael Bourret @MichaelBourret · Jan 3

Time for a 2019 #MSWL. I am very much looking for MG and chapter books. Much as I love YA, I have a lot of it!

Michael Bourret @MichaelBourret · 22 Sep 2017

#MSWL: Smash the patriarchy, deconstruct toxic masculinity, destroy white supremacy, question capitalism/heteronormativity/EVERYTHING