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Jen Chen Tran @jenchentran · Jun 21

And let's not forget Marbles which I also enjoyed immensely. Send your graphic medical projects my way! #mswl

Jen Chen Tran @jenchentran · Jun 21

I am looking for graphic memoirs that touch on medicine and healing. I loved Pedro and Me so much, and Mom's Cancer. In that vein. #mswl

Jen Chen Tran @jenchentran · Feb 8

Still looking for a dark family drama like Bloodlines. Bonus points if your MC resembles Kyle Chandler or Ben Mendelsohn. #mswl

Jen Chen Tran @jenchentran · Dec 6 2016

This is Us killed me. So good. I watched the whole series this weekend. Not too saccharine for me. I ❤️ sibling relationship stories. #mswl

Jen Chen Tran @jenchentran · Feb 5 2016

I'm still on the hunt for memoir but you have to have a substantial platform, stellar writing, and a helluva arc. #mswl

Jen Chen Tran @jenchentran · Feb 5 2016

Calling artists/ illustrators! Send me poignant graphic novels/ graphic memoirs. In the vein of American Widow or This One Summer. #mswl

Jen Chen Tran @jenchentran · Feb 3 2016

Send me YA that has a social media aspect to it, but with high stakes, snappy authentic dialogue, and of course, diverse characters. #mswl

Jen Chen Tran @jenchentran · Aug 17 2015

And as always: diverse characters, conflicted characters, diverse backgrounds. #mswl #query #queries

Jen Chen Tran @jenchentran · Aug 17 2015

TL;DR version of #mswl : secrets, betrayal, family sagas, contemp. romance that would make your mom blush, friendships, loyalty tested, war.

Jen Chen Tran @jenchentran · Aug 17 2015

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