Katherine Harrison


Editor (@knopfbfyr), songwriter, outdoorsperson.

Brooklyn, NY

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Katherine Harrison @KidlitKat · 6d

In the future, celebrity picture books will all be written by attractive robots #Mswl...?

Katherine Harrison @KidlitKat · 18 Oct 2018

Dear writers: The world needs more amazing #middlegrade voices—maybe YOUR amazing mddle grade voice. Won't you kindly get on that? Sincerely, an editor of middle grade #amediting #amwriting #mswl

Katherine Harrison @KidlitKat · 26 Sep 2018

Anyone want to write a children's book about the impeachment process for supreme court justices? Just asking for no particular reason. #MSWL

Katherine Harrison @KidlitKat · 12 Sep 2018

Dipping out of sabbatical for #mswl!

First, I’d love to see more nonfiction. Especially interested in ecology/conservation & American history through the lens of marginalized people.

I’m also on the lookout for big-hearted, voice-driven middle grade—with plenty of humor, obv.

Katherine Harrison @KidlitKat · 8 Feb 2018

I'm not really a horror person, but I would totally dig a MG or YA graphic novel about an escape room that turns deadly... #mswl

Katherine Harrison @KidlitKat · 7 Nov 2017

Cold weather and cozy, tea-clutching nights are making me crave classic-feeling middle grade fiction ala GREENGLASS HOUSE #MSWL

Katherine Harrison @KidlitKat · 28 Apr 2017

A ripped-from-the-headlines YA novelization of the #Fyrefestival debacle just shot to the top of my #MSWL

Katherine Harrison @KidlitKat · 6 Apr 2017

A stray #MSWL thought... As I kid, I loooved THE ELEVENTH HOUR. I'd be thrilled to edit a picture book that contains a puzzle to be solved.

Katherine Harrison @KidlitKat · 8 Feb 2017

I'm only considering agented submissions at the moment, but if your novel coincides w my #MSWL tell your future or present agent to send!

Katherine Harrison @KidlitKat · 8 Feb 2017

Seeking strong-girl YA & MG that would suit the tagline:
"She was warned. She was given an explanation. Nevertheless, she persisted." #MSWL

Katherine Harrison @KidlitKat · 1 Feb 2017

Eyes glued to #writeyourresistance, pining for YA that delivers the perspective of teens living through these nightmarish times #MSWL

Katherine Harrison @KidlitKat · 13 Dec 2016

Was clearing out what used to be my "idea jar" and found this. Can someone please write? #MSWL

Katherine Harrison @KidlitKat · 21 Nov 2016

After reading @kierstenwhite's AND I DARKEN and NOW I RISE, I'm craving more heroines who take power instead of asking politely #mswl

Katherine Harrison @KidlitKat · 30 Jun 2016

I'm looking for YA that explores rivalry, toxic friendships, or f-ed up group dynamics. Agented only, pls. #MSWL