Norma @normajeanesays · May 6

I am SO excited to share our new @ShondalandTV show #StillStarCrossed with you. MARK YOUR CALENDARS: 5/29/17

I need this on my TV and in book form ASAP. #MSWL

Norma @normajeanesays · May 4

It's dehumanizing to exclude POC in historical fiction. They existed. POC can fall in love in historicals & don't have to be miserable #RT17


Norma @normajeanesays · Apr 27

I 🙃 want 🙃 more 🙃 romance 🙃 books 🙃 where 🙃 the 🙃 main 🙃 character 🙃 is 🙃 fat 🙃 but 🙃 her 🙃 entire 🙃 story 🙃 arc 🙃 isn't 🙃 about 🙃 being fat

.@LindaRandom and I would love to see this in our inboxes please and thank you. #MSWL

Norma @normajeanesays · Mar 20

more tropes i wanna see: ♡ (is this a trope) dogs in romance ♡ latinxs as main characters ♡ cute chefs but also intense passionate chefs

Annnnnnd some more of this! #MSWL

Norma @normajeanesays · Mar 20

more tropes: ♡ sports romances (again sorry) but WITH OTHER SPORTS THAT AREN'T EITHER FOOTBALL, HOCKEY OR BASEBALL thanks

And some more of this #MSWL

Norma @normajeanesays · Mar 20

tropes i would want to see more: ♡ enemies to lovers bc more the better ♡ royalty in romance contemp ♡ sports ROMANCES THAT AREN'T WHITE

I would love to see more of these tropes too! #MSWL

Norma @normajeanesays · Mar 5

@sarahmaclean still waiting for that male librarian romance where the hero manfully shelves. (this may be a niche market of just me though)

Male librarian romance, male teacher romance, etc. bring it my way! #MSWL

Norma @normajeanesays · Feb 21

#MSWL please--would love to see racial diversity in cowboy/cowgirl romances! @WOCInRomance #WeNeedDiverseRomance

Norma @normajeanesays · Feb 19

If there is not a retelling of "Little Women" here, y'all.

The "Little Women" retelling we need! 💖 #MSWL

Norma @normajeanesays · Feb 8

i smell a romance plotttttttttt 💗

.@RdotSpoon smells a romance plot, and so do I! #MSWL Get inspired here:

Norma @normajeanesays · Feb 8

More plus-size protagonists in stories that don't include pageants or fashion. Different plots, please! #MSWL

Different plots and different body sizes too! Not all plus-sized women look the same: #MSWL

Norma @normajeanesays · Feb 8

Cozy mystery where the heroine owns a bookstore bar, like @thelitbar ! #MSWL

Norma @normajeanesays · Feb 8

I'd LOVE to edit more books with Latinx/o/a characters. Read this article by @Marcantoni1984 for inspiration: #MSWL

Norma @normajeanesays · Feb 8

And you know I'm in the #singlelife trenches. I want women's fic or contemp romance that feels 2017: apps, non-monogamy, ghosting... #MSWL

Make that contemporary romance feel, well, contemporary! #MSWL

Norma @normajeanesays · Feb 8

High on my #MSWL this year is Jane the Virgin in romance novel form. I don't know exactly what it would look like, but that's what I want.

I've wanted this for ages--make @m_colavita 's dreams come true! #MSWL

Norma @normajeanesays · Feb 8

Historical romance with diverse heroes/heroines. I want to know about the Regency peeps of African/Indian/Jewish (&more!) descent. #r #MSWL

Norma @normajeanesays · Feb 8

Spaceship drama with a strong female captain/scientist exploring the galaxy searching for a cure to the virus that plagues her planet. #MSWL

Norma @normajeanesays · Feb 8

Nerdy MCs in contemporary romance (including fandom lovers, techies, gamers, con-goers, etc). I want FANGIRL for the adult market! #r #MSWL

Norma @normajeanesays · Feb 8

Contemporary romances with the humor and fresh voice of THE HATING GAME. Diverse main characters are a plus! #r #MSWL

Norma @normajeanesays · Feb 8

My main #MSWL - Books NOT written by a Nazi.