Michelle Witte @michellewitte · May 14

Preeti Chhibber @runwithskizzers

If I was an agent I think something that would be on the #mswl would be a Pirates of the Caribbean style YA except it's pirates from colonized lands going after the British Empire (@ericsmithrocks plz find this book and rep it thank you) pic.twitter.com/ge9r0SeIUA

Replying to @runwithskizzers

For years I’ve been wanting alternate history where North and/or South America, Africa, etc., conquered and colonized Europe instead of other way around. I’ve pondered it but can’t quite visualize the full scope of the differences. I’d love to see how writers envision it. #MSWL

Michelle Witte @michellewitte · Apr 25

Paul 🌹📚 Cooper @PaulMMCooper

One of the most chilling abandoned places in the world is France's Red Zone, or "Zone Rouge".

Over 100 years ago, the First World War so devastated the landscape here that people are still forbidden to enter, & the zone has become a ghostly & overgrown place. pic.twitter.com/fPDL4URKmV

Incredible thread on how nature has been reclaiming stretches of land in France that have been uninhabitable since WWI.

Now for an #MSWL: A post-apocalyptic story set in a place like this could be amazing. There's something eerily beautiful yet sinister in those photos. MG/YA

Michelle Witte @michellewitte · Apr 25

I need to get off Twitter before I'm sucked in by the temptation that is #DVpit. I'm closed to submissions atm because I'm so behind on reading requested ms, but when I reopen (TBD), I'd best be seeing some of these in my query inbox. (kidlit only: YA, MG, PB) #MSWL

Michelle Witte @michellewitte · Apr 20

Isabel Ibañez Davis @isabel9thLP

I leave twitter for all of two hours and suddenly VAMPIRES are making a comeback.

My heart guys. I want all the stories. But this time around can we also do latina and black and asian and indian and egyptian vampires, too?

I mean, please?! 🙏🏽

These might be the only kind of vampire stories I’d be interested in reading: based on non-European tradition/folklore and not of the Dracula or Twilight variety. Tales of creatures (part human or not) that prey on human blood have existed for centuries across the globe. #MSWL

Michelle Witte @michellewitte · Feb 21

I’ve been tweeting lots of Olympics-related #MSWL b/c of amazing teen athletes. Tonight was breathtaking skate by 15yo Russian figure skater Alina Zagitova. I’d love YA about teen skating phenom. Bonus points for intense rivalry with teammate/friend, like w/Evgenia Medvedeva.

Michelle Witte @michellewitte · Feb 20

NBC Olympics @NBCOlympics

How freeskier Elizabeth Swaney made it to the #WinterOlympics with this very simple halfpipe run: bit.ly/2sFywrc pic.twitter.com/kHTAV7XND4

This made me laugh so freaking hard. I would so love to see a YA about a teen who games the system to make it to the Olympics or other hugely competitive international event. #MSWL

Michelle Witte @michellewitte · Feb 13

Watching this interview with Adam Rippon yesterday gave me chills. I would love a YA contemp realistic in the vein of what he describes in the first 30 seconds of how far he went to achieve his dream of becoming an Olympic skater while still a teen. nbcolympics.com/video/adam-rip… #MSWL

Michelle Witte @michellewitte · Feb 13

I would so love a YA like this, contemp or fantasy. Chloe Kim’s dad texted her before the Olympic halfpipe final that she was about to become a dragon. nbcolympics.com/news/what-chlo… #MSWL

Michelle Witte @michellewitte · Feb 11

The stories of #WomenInScience being shared in the hashtag, I want to #MSWL them all (for picture book through YA).