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dongwon @dongwon · Sep 12

In the end, I want stories that have a point of view. A sense of perspective. Use your words to say something worth saying. #MSWL

dongwon @dongwon · Sep 12

A Lauren Beukes-style sfnal thriller. Tana French with actual spooky shit. Ex Machina in book form. #MSWL

dongwon @dongwon · Sep 12

Adult Epic Fantasy. Sweeping scope. Multi-POV. But PLEASE be about something other than just "let's murder everyone for empire." #MSWL

dongwon @dongwon · Sep 12

YA SF that takes its science seriously. Good worldbuilding, strong characterization, emotional honesty. No high concept. #MSWL

dongwon @dongwon · Sep 12

AKA MG with a Gravity Falls, Stranger Things (the kids arc), or even Attack the Block vibe. #MSWL

dongwon @dongwon · Sep 12

Spooky MGs about kids fighting monsters that also doesn't forget that kids have real emotional range. #MSWL

dongwon @dongwon · Sep 12

Smart horror featuring POCs, women who get to do interesting things. Use the tools of horror to examine race, gender, and trauma. #MSWL

dongwon @dongwon · May 5

Forensic scientists caught a deer munching on a human carcass for the first time ever


dongwon @dongwon · Apr 30

*pounds table* MORE SPACE WITCHES ... I just really like Ashoka and Ventress ok? #mswl

dongwon @dongwon · Apr 26

um can someone write like a YA sci-fi version of the fast and the furious


dongwon @dongwon · Sep 28 2016

@dongwon It is one of my favourite things, that story.

@BBolander #mswl for, like, ever.

dongwon @dongwon · Sep 12 2016

OK, I almost never do #MSWL but send me something in the venn diagram of Gravity Falls, Stranger Things, and Attack the Block. Good luck.

dongwon @dongwon · Jul 20 2016

Part of me really wants to write a Asian medieval wuxia fantasy of kungfu, magic, and big frigging battles.

#mswl if Wes doesn’t beat you to it. Hell even if he does, there’s room for more.

dongwon @dongwon · Oct 2 2015

More M.T. Anderson's FEED, more Rainbow Rowell in an Octavia Butler world. #MSWL

dongwon @dongwon · Oct 2 2015

We need more grounded stories in YA SF - less overthrowing dystopian regimes, more teens living with future technologies and societies #MSWL

dongwon @dongwon · Sep 28 2015

Dear world, more stand-alones please. #mswl

dongwon @dongwon · Jul 15 2015

Super excited to announce that I've joined Howard Morhaim's agency! Looking for SFF and some nonfiction. More here: