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dongwon @dongwon · Mar 15

#querytip you want agents to be feeling positive and receptive to your query when it lands in your inbox so maybe now is not your moment! we're all too anxious rn!

also I'm still closed to submissions. thanks.

dongwon @dongwon · 23 Apr 2019

#querytip A referral from a name I don't know actually hurts you more than it helps because it feels like someone's trying to run a scam. Only mention a referral if it's someone you're sure I know and trust.

dongwon @dongwon · 28 Jan 2019

Reminder! If you accept an offer of representation it is courteous and kind to withdraw your submission from other agents. No one likes having their time wasted.


dongwon @dongwon · 4 Sep 2018

#querytip reminder that it's a common courtesy to withdraw your query from agents still considering it if you accept representation from another agent.

dongwon @dongwon · 4 Sep 2018

hey #querytip or maybe just, like, life tip. if you're thinking of making your title a pun on the name of one of the most horrific mass murders and genocidal actions in history maybe ... don't do that thing.

dongwon @dongwon · 10 Aug 2018

A #querytip. Never start your query letter by jumping straight into the pitch.

dongwon @dongwon · 31 May 2018

a small #querytip: when replying to a full request I've seen authors adding the original query to the front of the word doc. this helps me a lot as the gap between requesting and reviewing a manuscript can often mean I lose track of why I asked for it. it's nice to have context.

dongwon @dongwon · 4 Dec 2017

for the evening crowd: a few months ago, I gave a talk on the importance of ambition, goals, and how to pro. I posted it today after all the nonsense about quitting your day job

#pubtip #querytip…

dongwon @dongwon · 21 Oct 2017

writers! when pitching start with your comp titles! it helps us know what kind of book you're selling us on. #querytip #SiWC17

dongwon @dongwon · 15 Sep 2017

#querytip don't name your project after famously racist stuff. or do, so I can pass on it faster. whatever works.

dongwon @dongwon · 9 Sep 2017

#querytip: if you spend a lot of time telling me how unique and original your project is what you're really saying is "I don't read enough."

dongwon @dongwon · 14 Jul 2016

50,000 words is too short. It just is. #querytip