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Alexandra @akaweiss · Jan 10

With the #Olympics on my mind, I'd love to find a #PB, #MG, or #YA book about #figureskating. I don’t want the stereotypical "mean girl" skater. Show me the skater who stays after hours, who has a million bruises from trying to nail a jump, who uses the ice as a canvas. #MSWL

Alexandra @akaweiss · 25 Oct 2017

Craving a #MG series like #themagictreehouse/#timewarptrio. Smart, witty, & #diverse characters are a must. #MSWL

Alexandra @akaweiss · 17 Aug 2017

Also, a MG story similar in theme/characters/humor to Gravity Falls is highly desired. #MSWL

Alexandra @akaweiss · 17 Aug 2017

I would LOVE a Children's or MG story inspired by this: #MSWL… via @mashable