Alexandra Weiss


Associate literary agent at @JDLitAgency . Book lover, space enthusiast, dream chaser. Tweets are my own. She/Her.

Chicago, IL

The Jennifer De Chiara Agency

Alexandra Weiss @akaweiss · Jan 13

When I open up to queries next month, I'd love to see more #kidlit stories that tackle climate change and feature real, innovative solutions. Ideally nonfiction but open to fiction as well. Bonus points if it's a graphic novel. #mswl

Alexandra Weiss @akaweiss · 24 Sep 2019

I rep a few fabulous #scicomm writers and want to continue building my list! šŸ‘©ā€šŸ”¬Iā€™m actively looking for creators who can incorporate real science into fiction or break down nonfiction topics (climate change, space exploration, etc.) and make it interesting for kids. #MSWL #STEM

Alexandra Weiss @akaweiss · 12 Sep 2018

Eager to find a smart and unique fiction or nonfiction #PB or #graphicnovel that discusses the importance of taking care of the environment and our oceans. #MSWL