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Cortney Radocaj @CortneyRadocaj · Jan 17

#querytip Reconsider including comp titles if the only two you have are over 10 years old.

If all you’re including are older titles, it makes me question whether or not you’re in touch with the current market and popular tropes and such in your genre.

Cortney Radocaj @CortneyRadocaj · Jan 17


If you’re querying an agent, I don’t recommend a) disparaging the entire job of an agent, or b) ranting about how stupid you think writing queries is.



Cortney Radocaj @CortneyRadocaj · 24 Nov 2018

#querytip Remember when you’re sending a query, you’re pitching ONE book—not a series! Telling me your book is the first in a series is fine, but the query itself needs to be focused on ONE book.

Show me it has an arc and conflict of its own!

Cortney Radocaj @CortneyRadocaj · 24 Oct 2018

#querytip I am NOT the right fit for novels that use an epistolary format! It just doesn’t grab me; I need to be immersed in the POV, and epistolary dilutes that for me

(Plus, I’m pretty sure I’m scarred from reading every single word of CLARISSA in one month during college 🙈)

Cortney Radocaj @CortneyRadocaj · 7 Oct 2018

#querytip A common theme I’m seeing today in my box—dry beginnings.

It doesn’t matter how interesting your starting point is if there’s no emotion, no sensory details to ground us.

Keep the reader immersed! Bring them into your MC’s head! THAT is what will hook readers.

Cortney Radocaj @CortneyRadocaj · 20 Sep 2018

I’ve seen several queries in my box this morning for books that are previously published—PLEASE don’t send these to me!

The majority of an agent’s work is already done if a book is already published, and you’d need STELLAR sales for a big house to pick it up.