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A Southern Girl living in the Big Apple. Senior Agent at the Nancy Yost Literary Agency. Words I live by Psalm 19:14. Oh and I'm an Awesome Aunty.


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Sarah E. Younger @seyitsme · 14 Oct 2018

Sarah E. Younger @seyitsme

Yes. Yes they do. 34th St NYC. @serenawilliams @Nike ❤️

This got me thinking can I get a romance sub with a BOSS female athlete?!? Have repped lots of male athlete romances but know the women dominating in their sport deserve love too... if the hero happens to be an athlete cool, or he could be in a totally different field! #MSWL

Sarah E. Younger @seyitsme · 12 Sep 2018

PS: If you think you have a manuscript that might be something I’m looking for, please do submit it. As much as I love a great concept, if you could tell your story in a tweet you wouldn’t spend days, weeks, months writing thousands of words. So if it fits my #MSWL send it.😉❤️

Sarah E. Younger @seyitsme · 12 Sep 2018

And last but not least in #MSWL I wanna work with authors who wanna work with me. I want us to be a team! I wanna be one of your biggest champions and supporters for the life of your career!! So that’s not a manuscript wish list...but a maker of the manuscript wish list. 😉🤫❤️

Sarah E. Younger @seyitsme · 12 Sep 2018

To continue just a little bit... #MSWL I’m a commercial agent, so I like books I can read in one sitting, books that make me laugh, and books that make me cry. MAKE ME FEEL.

I want books that can be an escape, that lift people up, that bring joy, that can be transformative.

Sarah E. Younger @seyitsme · 12 Sep 2018

Chiming in to share my #MSWL: Adult Fiction (sry no YA etc.) #OwnVoices #RomComs #LGBT+ #SciFi #Fantasy #WomensFic #Romance

I’d love to have a Diverse RomCom in the #LGBT+ space, add a dog or cat to a WF or RomCom & 😍

Sarah E. Younger @seyitsme · 14 Aug 2018

Annnd they have a jury and I’m not on it. #Dismissed Didn’t even get interviewed individually. Headed to the office Civic Duty COMPLETE!!! FYI: It was a criminal trial involving burglary.

ALSO If you’re working a #CR with a lawyer hero/heroine I want it!! #MSWL

Sarah E. Younger @seyitsme · 21 Mar 2016

Can some one PLEASE WRITE ME A CONTEMPORARY COWBOY/WESTERN ROMANCE? I'll even provided the 1st song on the playlist.

Sarah E. Younger @seyitsme · 11 Feb 2016

Non-Fic #MSWL: narrative non-fic involving pets dogs & horses & all things furry & friendly, or sports related... other-depends on platform

Sarah E. Younger @seyitsme · 11 Feb 2016

My Women's Fiction #MSWL: beautiful writing, cross-generational stories, southern set, with a GREAT Grandma. Something that'll make me cry.

Sarah E. Younger @seyitsme · 11 Feb 2016

My Romance #MSWL includes: Sexy #Shifters (guilty pleasure reads, love 'em), Cowboys, & Spies (the higher the concept the more I'll love it)