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Stacey Graham @staceyigraham · 3d

Witchcraft is afoot here. Or, if not, it should be. I'd love to see a scene like this in a manuscript! #MSWL || Mur…

Stacey Graham @staceyigraham · 6d

#MSWL I love Cyrano de Bergerac with the passion of a thousand tiny suns. I'd love to see a modern retelling of Cyr…

Stacey Graham @staceyigraham · 3w

I was a huge fan of @TurnAMC . I'd love to see more MG stories like these (when I return 1.1.18)! #MSWL

Stacey Graham @staceyigraham · Oct 5

Shoes found hidden in the roof of a building in Honley. Hiding shoes acted as a charm to protect the house from wit…

I have a fascination with hidden objects in houses. I'd love to see some MG or adult witchy stories incorporate thi…

Stacey Graham @staceyigraham · Sep 29

#mswl I'd love a great Gothic romance. You bring the barefoot nightgown-clad heroine, and I'll bring the dimly-lit castle hallway.

Stacey Graham @staceyigraham · Sep 29

I made a Storify of all my Dear David threads for easier viewing. I'll keep it up to date.

#MSWL : ghosts all day, every day. #MG writers, this is exactly the type of story I'm looking for. :)

Stacey Graham @staceyigraham · Sep 21

#mswl I'd love to see NF on Grand Sumo. Its history and enduring awesomeness.

Stacey Graham @staceyigraham · Sep 12

Just a lion riding shotgun in a motorcycle, racing up the walls of the dome of death.

This. 👇 #MSWL MG.

Stacey Graham @staceyigraham · Sep 12

#MSWL Think we'd be a great match? Check out the rest of my list at

Stacey Graham @staceyigraham · Sep 12

#MSWL MG bios of extraordinary women writers: Agatha Christie, Mary Shelley, Beatrix Potter, etc.

Stacey Graham @staceyigraham · Sep 12

#MSWL MG/Adult fiction or nonfiction: Ouija; spirit boards; magicians. I have a big soft spot for Houdini. :)

Stacey Graham @staceyigraham · Sep 12

#MSWL Quirky nonfiction for MG/Adult: Odd facts; true ghost stories; how-to books for the weird kid in all of us.

Stacey Graham @staceyigraham · Jun 30

#MSWL -- I'd love more MG or adult ghost stories in my inbox. Gothic if ya got 'em. 👻👻👻

Stacey Graham @staceyigraham · Jun 29

The Deadly Travellers, by Dorothy Eden. Ace #Gothic , 1979

#MSWL -- Something gothic that can support a cover like this.

Stacey Graham @staceyigraham · Jun 26

#MSWL There's a book in this! || These librarians delivered books by horse to teach the poor how to read

Stacey Graham @staceyigraham · Apr 24

one in every four cowboys was believed to be a Black man released from slavery, despite the stories told in popular…

#MSWL I have been looking for just the right book on this subject for ages! PB, MG, Adult.

Stacey Graham @staceyigraham · Apr 5

#MSWL I'm looking for crafters (DIY, candles, essential oil recipes, kids' crafts, etc.) with a great platform. Old craft/new twist? YES!

Stacey Graham @staceyigraham · Mar 7

I love a good how-to book! Pitch me anything (MG-adult) quirky and fun to learn. (Beehive maintenance. Beer for Dogs.) #MSWL

Stacey Graham @staceyigraham · Feb 12

I'd love to see some NF historical mysteries (adult/YA/MG) come my way! #MSWL

Stacey Graham @staceyigraham · Feb 8

#mswl I'm looking for a smart and sassy update of Sabrina Fair (novelized) for either YA or adult. for sub info. :)