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Literary agent and author of spooky stuff. Moonlights in antiques. she/her. Closed to queries.


stacey graham @staceyigraham · May 3

#querytip: If you write under a pseudonym, query agents using your real name in the signature—it's a business partnership, not a whodunit.

stacey graham @staceyigraham · 29 Oct 2019

#querytip: You can't sell the bacon if they can't smell the sizzle. Spend time perfecting the hook so the agent knows what the stakes (HA! meat humor) are and how your characters are going to get out of this pickle.

Okay, I may be hungry.

stacey graham @staceyigraham · 5 Oct 2019

Most of my requested partials and fulls go onto my e-reader for later. #querytip: label files with last name/title/partial (or full) so I can find your project in the mix. "3chap.docx" gets overlooked easily because I don't know who sent it and I'll move to the next.

stacey graham @staceyigraham · 22 Aug 2019

#querytip Resist the urge to have your subject line look like spam (thank you, no, I am not in need of male enhancement).

Also, don't call me "gentlemen" in your salutation.

Wait, maybe this book really *is* for male enhancement.

stacey graham @staceyigraham · 27 Jun 2019

#querytip: 250 words isn't a lot of space so here's the quick and dirty on things to include:

Word count (check sources to make sure yours is in the ballpark for your genre)
Main characters
What's at stake
Your writing bio

Go get 'em, tiger!

stacey graham @staceyigraham · 13 Nov 2017

#querytip: Yes, I like short queries but two sentences isn't a lot for me to go on to request chapters. Live a little--expand it to three sentences. ;)

And if your bio is longer than your pitch, it's time to revise.

stacey graham @staceyigraham · 25 Aug 2017

#querytip Not getting responses from agents? Not following sub guidelines may be the culprit. Details matter in business so double check! :)

stacey graham @staceyigraham · 25 Aug 2017

Unrequested attachments will be deleted unread by many agents so please follow submission guidelines. #querytip

stacey graham @staceyigraham · 3 Aug 2017

#Querytip Be prepared with materials before you query: book proposal, manuscript (partial & full), formatted file names instead of "first3".

stacey graham @staceyigraham · 12 Jun 2017

#querytip If you're channeling your inner Rowling & only use your initials, please don't be surprised when we address you as "Dear J.K."

stacey graham @staceyigraham · 29 Mar 2017

Quick #querytip: Please label your document with the title and your last name. I load many subs on my Kindle & can't tell 5 "novel1"s apart.

stacey graham @staceyigraham · 23 Mar 2017

Wondering what to put in the subject line when you write an agent? I like this format: "QUERY: <genre>/<title>/<name>" #amquerying #querytip

stacey graham @staceyigraham · 10 Mar 2017

My sweet spot for spot-on queries? 250 words. The 11,000 word query I just received is a tiny bit over that mark. #pass #querytip

stacey graham @staceyigraham · 2 Mar 2017

Rebecca Thorne @novelarnia

@staceyigraham Do you prefer that, or a more formal "Hello, Ms. Graham"? 😊

Not picky, but a howdy would be nice. :)
A salutation shows you're making a conscious decision about that agent at that time. #querytip

stacey graham @staceyigraham · 17 Jan 2017

Writers, the struggle *is* the story. When querying, make clear what's at stake. #amwriting #querytip

stacey graham @staceyigraham · 15 Jan 2017

Molly Hooper makes #Sherlock human. When writing your queries, tell me what makes your protag hurt if things change. #amwriting #querytip

stacey graham @staceyigraham · 31 Oct 2016

#Querytip - I want to see that you've done your research and know your readers. When we get to book proposal stage, you'll need this. 2/2

stacey graham @staceyigraham · 31 Oct 2016

#Querytip - Who is your perfect reader? Don't tell me that your story is perfect for everyone, it shows a lack of focus of your market. 1/2

stacey graham @staceyigraham · 5 May 2016

#querytip Check an agent's website for current rep. categories or what she's particularly looking for at the moment for a better match.