Sarah E. Younger


A Southern Girl living in the Big Apple. Working with some lovely books at Nancy Yost Literary Agency. Words I live by Psalm 19:14. Oh and I'm an Awesome Aunty.


Nancy Yost Literary Agency

Sarah E. Younger @seyitsme · Mar 21 2016

Can some one PLEASE WRITE ME A CONTEMPORARY COWBOY/WESTERN ROMANCE? I'll even provided the 1st song on the playlist.

Sarah E. Younger @seyitsme · Feb 11 2016

Non-Fic #MSWL : narrative non-fic involving pets dogs & horses & all things furry & friendly, or sports related... other-depends on platform

Sarah E. Younger @seyitsme · Feb 11 2016

My Women's Fiction #MSWL : beautiful writing, cross-generational stories, southern set, with a GREAT Grandma. Something that'll make me cry.

Sarah E. Younger @seyitsme · Feb 11 2016

My Romance #MSWL includes: Sexy #Shifters (guilty pleasure reads, love 'em), Cowboys, & Spies (the higher the concept the more I'll love it)

Sarah E. Younger @seyitsme · Mar 7 2014

I FORGOT A HUGE #MSWL sorry it's so late, but a romance w/a nerdy hero would be fab! Send me your scientists/programmers/professors etc. ;)