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Superstitious Graham πŸ‘» @staceyigraham · Sep 12

I love rom-coms and I'm not afraid to say it! Send me your swoon! #mswl

Superstitious Graham πŸ‘» @staceyigraham · Sep 12

I'm always looking for clever/funny MG with a spooky twist and depth of character. Villians must be well developed (a true threat and not just a pest). #mswl

Superstitious Graham πŸ‘» @staceyigraham · Apr 10

Smithsonian Magazine @SmithsonianMag

From yoga to movie nights: how cemeteries are trying to attract the living.

I love cemeteries for their art and simple beauty. No place better to take the kids for an afternoon of history and looking for graveyard rabbits. Story location? You bet! #MSWL

Superstitious Graham πŸ‘» @staceyigraham · Mar 12

#MSWL: MG/Adult. I'd kill for a good spirit closet novel. Spirit Closets, Haunted Dolls, and the Psychic Ghost Theatre.…

Superstitious Graham πŸ‘» @staceyigraham · Feb 5

#MSWL: Witchy sisters ala Practical Magic & Hocus Pocus. (Adult or MG)

Superstitious Graham πŸ‘» @staceyigraham · Jan 21

#MSWL Last year, I received a ton of queries about fantastic female scientists and mathematicians. This year, I'd love to see female entrepreneurs, historical athletes, authors (Agatha Christie, Beatrix Potter bios), and politicians (Shirley Chisholm, Victoria Woodhull).

Superstitious Graham πŸ‘» @staceyigraham · 7 Dec 2017

Witchcraft is afoot here. Or, if not, it should be. I'd love to see a scene like this in a manuscript! #MSWL || Murmurations: The Mesmerizing Beauty of Birds in Flight…

Superstitious Graham πŸ‘» @staceyigraham · 4 Dec 2017

#MSWL I love Cyrano de Bergerac with the passion of a thousand tiny suns. I'd love to see a modern retelling of Cyrano for either MG or adult (romance) readers (after 1.1.18).

Superstitious Graham πŸ‘» @staceyigraham · 16 Nov 2017

I was a huge fan of @TurnAMC. I'd love to see more MG stories like these (when I return 1.1.18)! #MSWL…

Superstitious Graham πŸ‘» @staceyigraham · 29 Sep 2017

#mswl I'd love a great Gothic romance. You bring the barefoot nightgown-clad heroine, and I'll bring the dimly-lit castle hallway.

Superstitious Graham πŸ‘» @staceyigraham · 21 Sep 2017

#mswl I'd love to see NF on Grand Sumo. Its history and enduring awesomeness.