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reader, writer, editor, wife, mom, podcaster, puerto rican, feminist, friend, managing editor @ Icarus, literary agent @ Speilburg Literary. all opinions mine.

Endwell, NY

Speilburg Literary Agency

Eva Scalzo @evascalzo · May 25

R.A. Rios @s700com

@evascalzo Good Morning Eva, I came across old link , I just wanted to ask if you are still looking for subcategory romance submissions if so where can I send a query? thx
Robert, rariospromotions@gmail.com

Replying to @s700com

Hi Robert, my #MSWL hasn’t changed, I’m still looking at all romance except inspirational and YA except historical. Queries should be sent to speilburgliterary@gmail.com with my name in the subject line and first 3 chapters pasted in email.

Eva Scalzo @evascalzo · 7 Dec 2017

Look, I've got a wishlist of sorts...mainly I want to see more romance ❤️❤️❤️manuscriptwishlist.com/mswl-post/eva-… @ManuscriptWList #MSWL