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Carlisle Spiderwebber 🕸 @carliebeth · Oct 11

I saw Psycho on the big screen tonight and it makes me think 1: I want more human horror and 2: I also want unhealthy mother son relationship books. Demons I get. People are crazy. #MSWL #WishlistWednesday

Carlisle Spiderwebber 🕸 @carliebeth · Sep 26

I want a book that turns the idea of "you are responsible for other people's actions" on its head. Because I feel like I hear it so much. #MSWL #WishlistWednesday

Carlisle Spiderwebber 🕸 @carliebeth · Sep 12

I love domestic and law enforcement thrillers but do not want espionage. #mswl

Carlisle Spiderwebber 🕸 @carliebeth · Sep 12

24/7/365 I welcome #ownvoices. I welcome all and would especially love stories by&about people of color, with disabilities (esp invisible), who have mental illness, who are LGBTQ, or who are economically disadvantaged #MSWL #wndb

Carlisle Spiderwebber 🕸 @carliebeth · Sep 12

Another thing Rhimes does well is create characters where you think, "This person is terrible and I can't wait to see what they do next." I love to read those. #MSWL

Carlisle Spiderwebber 🕸 @carliebeth · Sep 12

Shonda Rhimes is my Patronus, and I love the way she tells stories. She makes you care about characters quickly and puts in lots of OMG moments. Send me those books. #MSWL

Carlisle Spiderwebber 🕸 @carliebeth · Sep 12

I'm a true crime junkie and love crime stories with lots of twists and turns. #MSWL

Carlisle Spiderwebber 🕸 @carliebeth · Sep 12

Here's my agent brand summed up: Blood & guts and pink & sparkly. #MSWL

Carlisle Spiderwebber 🕸 @carliebeth · Sep 12

I am only interested in SFF if the audience is YA or MG #MSWL

Carlisle Spiderwebber 🕸 @carliebeth · Sep 12

#MSWL day! To start I’m on the lookout for high-concept MG, YA, and adult fiction. More on what that means here:…

Carlisle Spiderwebber 🕸 @carliebeth · Aug 8

Who’s got a book where characters are playing a game and mayhem ensues? Less Jumanji, more Lauren Oliver’s PANIC. #WishLishWednesday #MSWL

Carlisle Spiderwebber 🕸 @carliebeth · Aug 1

Though I'm known for my love of dark books, I also love light, funny YA and MG, including romcoms. #MSWL #WishlistWednesday

Carlisle Spiderwebber 🕸 @carliebeth · Jul 18

I love settings that seem normal at first and then get really not normal as the book unfolds. #MSWL #WishListWednesday

Carlisle Spiderwebber 🕸 @carliebeth · Jul 11

I am always interested in hearing from diverse authors, esp authors of color, LGBTQ, with both visible and invisible disabilities, and economically disadvantaged. #MSWL #WishLishWednesday More here:…

Carlisle Spiderwebber 🕸 @carliebeth · Jun 27

Book club fiction with a strong commercial hook, along the lines of Liane Moriarty or Jodi Picoult #MSWL #WishListWednesday