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Carlisle Spiderwebber @carliebeth · 8 Oct 2018

When #amquerying use a font that almost every computer can read, like TNR or Verdana. I often read on my phone and if fancy fonts come through they can be difficult to read. #querytip

Carlisle Spiderwebber @carliebeth · 28 Jun 2018

When #amquerying fiction, you don’t need to talk about marketing, platform, etc. Describe the characters and plot, add a short bio, and you’re done. #querytip

Carlisle Spiderwebber @carliebeth · 15 Dec 2016

If you want to list comp titles in your #query, pick books published in the last 3-5 years. #querytip

Carlisle Spiderwebber @carliebeth · 12 Jul 2016

If you have made-up words in the title of your novel, I'm probably not the right agent for you. #querytip

Carlisle Spiderwebber @carliebeth · 19 Feb 2016

"Because I don't want to deal w Googl and cell phones" is not a good answer to "Why is this book set in the past?" #querytip

Carlisle Spiderwebber @carliebeth · 7 Aug 2015

Don't send your book to an agent before it's finished. #querytip

Carlisle Spiderwebber @carliebeth · 11 Sep 2014

Leave the word "learns" out of your #query unless it moves a mystery forward. Emotional development is not a plot. #querytip

Carlisle Spiderwebber @carliebeth · 25 Jun 2014

Don't spend time telling me that your book has no vampires. I care about what's there, not what isn't. #querytip

Carlisle Spiderwebber @carliebeth · 21 May 2014

Check your grammar before you wreck your chances of getting an agent. #querytip

Carlisle Spiderwebber @carliebeth · 30 Apr 2014

If I don't meet your main character on page 1 I'm somewhat disinclined to read page 2. #querytip