Red Sofa Literary @RedSofaLiterary · May 27

It seems after losing my Dad 6 yrs ago this August, I've found so much happiness in baking. I'm all about a book that celebrates making food, sharing it, and using it as a bridge to keeping connected with friends and family #MSWL

Red Sofa Literary @RedSofaLiterary · Mar 21

Stacy Tornio @stacytornio

One last question for you @RedSofaLiterary. I know you're a sucker for quirky humor, right? What's something you'd love to see?! #AskAgent

Replying to @stacytornio

I love things that make me laugh, I'm a huge pop culture buff (geeking out over things is my way in life), and anything that's feminist-leaning and/or going to make want to go down a wiki-rabbit hole = wins every time #askagent #mswl

Red Sofa Literary @RedSofaLiterary · 19 Dec 2017

Siberian Farm Cats Have Absolutely Taken Over This Farmer’s Land, And They’re Absolutely Majestic | Bored Panda #MSWL #yesplease #catsofredsofa

Red Sofa Literary @RedSofaLiterary · 29 Oct 2017

Newly resurfaced 1936 video features a Mpls ‘fire cat’ sliding down station poles #OMG! #catscatscats #MSWL #please

Red Sofa Literary @RedSofaLiterary · 12 Sep 2017

One of my fave reads in 2017 is WHEN DIMPLE MET RISHI by @smenonbooks - #ownvoices, nerdy to the core, funny. Give me a bk like this! #mswl

Red Sofa Literary @RedSofaLiterary · 15 Jul 2017

A nonfiction narrative about German POWs in the US. Please send this to me. How the heck did I not know about these? #mswl

Red Sofa Literary @RedSofaLiterary · 8 Mar 2017

A nonfiction history/pop culture book about women Bolivian wrestlers. #mswl - I was reminded today due to #IWD