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Sarah Guan @Sarah_Guan · Aug 8

Lindsey Hall @LindseyHall17

#MSWL fantasy w/ a translator protag. There's so much power in language-- how they translate for a ruler effects a whole kingdom, eg. I want to see the nuances & consequences of deciding how & what to translate, word play between languages, times when translation falls short


I’m a multilingual person who often translates for loved ones whose first language isn’t English. It’s a whole set of social interactions and levels of access to systemic power that shape communities and conflicts.

I’d love to see this examined in #SFF.

Sarah Guan @Sarah_Guan · Aug 6

Philip Boyes @PhilipJBoyes

Just a reminder: there's an Old Babylonian tablet that mentions a family of exorcists who live together in a house. Which is, I think you'll agree, one of the great sitcom ideas of the ancient world.


I’m imagining one of these exorcists getting caught up in some epic political struggle, and the others admonishing, “Don’t be such a drama queen! Our family sticks to lesser demons and dead commoners for a reason! Stop meddling with dead emperors!”

Sarah Guan @Sarah_Guan · Aug 2

steph @eaumohtz

celebrating Asia 🎆

Someone please write me an epic, thorny, political science fiction or fantasy novel with these protagonists, thanks. #MSWL forever!

Sarah Guan @Sarah_Guan · Jun 7

A meeting today made me think: I’d LOVE to see a huge, sweeping pre-Columbian epic fantasy novel in my inbox.

Before the Europeans landed and ruined everything, there were vibrant, sophisticated, and competitive empires in the Americas. That’s as epic fantasy as anything. #MSWL

Sarah Guan @Sarah_Guan · Jun 7

Aesthetic Sharer ZHR @CGdrawing

Lamprotornis chalybaeus

How are these birds even real?? They look like they belong in some futuristic techno-utopia?? Are they creepily beautiful government spies???

...would read this novel. #mswl

Sarah Guan @Sarah_Guan · May 17

Coming out of the “Making Hopeful Art in Hopeless Times” panel at the #Nebulas2018.

YES, #MSWL—send me #hopepunk. The world is on fire, so let’s give the good guys agency.

Thanks, @snarkbat, @MikeRUnderwood, @lettie_prell, @J_R_Dawson (and @_alexrowland for coining the term).

Sarah Guan @Sarah_Guan · May 13

Sarah Guan @Sarah_Guan

A partial list of some of the coolest moms of science fiction and fantasy:
- Molly Weasley (Harry Potter)
- Catelyn Stark (Song of Ice and Fire)
- Mrs. Murry (A Wrinkle in Time)
- Queen Ramonda (Black Panther)
- Tenar (Earthsea)
- Alana (Saga)
- Essun (The Broken Earth)

Consider this whole thread a #MSWL

I want stories about good moms and bad moms, dedicated moms and indifferent moms, moms who move mountains for their kids and moms who do amazing things in spite of having kids.

All these women existed—and continue to exist.

Happy #MothersDay.

Sarah Guan @Sarah_Guan · May 9

Talia Mirai @TaliaMirai

Much as I would love to think I'd wear some super elaborate ensemble to the Met Gala, I know my style. Sagrada Familia in Barcelona is my favorite cathedral I've ever seen. Thanks @kevinwada for this cute idea! #Metsona


Can you imagine? Avatars of important buildings and cultural landmarks, who wear their façades like beautiful garments? Angkor Wat, the Great Pyramids, the Hagia Sophia, etc.—all walking the earth as mysteriously well-dressed humans?

Sarah Guan @Sarah_Guan · May 6

Oddly specific #MSWL: a story involving a contracts lawyer who specializes in genies, faeries, and other wish-granting entities.

Sarah Guan @Sarah_Guan · Apr 30

Leesha Hannigan @LeeshaHannigan


This artwork is incredible. I would buy a book with this warrior woman on the cover!

In other words, #MSWL: a fantasy novel with this protagonist.

Sarah Guan @Sarah_Guan · Apr 13

Sam Sykes @SamSykesSwears

Breakfast Club, but they are at wizard school.

Bring It On, but they are at wizard school.

Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, but he’s at wizard school.

It’s just that easy to make a new genre of film, fellas.

YES—give me “Bring It On” at wizard (or space) school! #mswl

I want #SFF stories about socioeconomic disparities at academic institutions.

Public school zoning on Mars? Affirmative action at fantasy college? Exploitation of student athletes at interstellar universities? PLEASE.

Sarah Guan @Sarah_Guan · Apr 6

E. TONG @_iwakeli_i

hey @guardian, i fixed your headline for you

I can’t stop thinking about this.

Someone write me a reverse, PoC Howard Carter #SFF novel where cultural artifacts are repatriated to their rightful inheritors. Give me the fantasy or future tech inverse heist novel. #MSWL…

Sarah Guan @Sarah_Guan · Apr 4

lianne @ champion sad person @the_sad_gay

do u ever just ship two characters but as exes.. like u dont even care about how they were when they were together you just want them to have History

YES. Especially when exes have to be Mature Adults who interact with each other in professional, humane ways because there are things more important than their old ghosts—like winning a war, or negotiating a peace, or fixing an economy, or passing a law, or RAISING A CHILD. #MSWL

Sarah Guan @Sarah_Guan · Mar 12

Lauren Spieller @laurenspieller

BIG #MSWL for Crossover/Adult SFF

I'm looking for a book that engages with the abuses perpetrated against indigenous people, in particular women, and the colonizer's legacy of violence and oppression.

Please spread the word. I need this book. The world needs this book.

Replying to @laurenspieller

YES. 100%. Would love to see a manuscript like this. #MSWL

Doesn’t need to be American, either. I know it’s an especially important conversation in our country right now—and to be clear, would LOVE this as a US-centric story—but this is a global issue.

Sarah Guan @Sarah_Guan · Mar 3

Stephanie Law @shadowscapes

"Of Kingfishers & Bones"
#fairytales #mythical #folklore #legend #kingfisher #bird #chinesefairytale #art #watercolorpainting #watercolor #painting

This painting is mindblowingly beautiful and gives me such Lady of Qiao Guo (岭南圣母) vibes, I can’t even. Somebody write me the #SFF book to go with this artwork, please! #MSWL