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Co-founder of the Skylark Literary agency: @SkylarkLit . Loves sunny days, American TV, myths & mysteries, children's books, YA books, all books!


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Amber Caraveo 🐯 @AmberCaraveo · Sep 14

Am I too late for #MSWL Day? I’m looking for laugh-out-loud MG with a great ‘voicey’ protagonist! Also fab twisty mysteries in MG. And a swoony romance/love story in YA, especially (but not exclusively) LGBTQIA please! See my profile & sub guidelines at

Amber Caraveo 🐯 @AmberCaraveo · May 30

Having just said that I don't really like animal stories, I would actually love to find a great MG mystery where the characters are all cows or cats or sloths or something - but acting human! #GEAKidLitMay #LiveChat #mswl

Amber Caraveo 🐯 @AmberCaraveo · Jan 20

I would love to find a unicorn 🦄 series for readers who are middle-grade or younger that is brilliantly written, quirky, FUNNY and a little bit sparkly! Oh, and did I mention funny?! If you have such a rare beast, please send it my way! Thank you, Twitter. #mswl 🦄

Amber Caraveo 🐯 @AmberCaraveo · 6 Jul 2017

Would love to find a pacy MG novel based around a slightly magical modern-day circus - The Night Circus for kids! 40,000 words tops. #mswl