Masha Gunic 🧢


Junior Agent at the Azantian Literary Agency. Proud Slytherin. Books, dogs, and cakes are life.

San Diego, CA

Azantian Literary Agency

Masha Gunic 🧢 @masha_gunic · 11 Mar 2019

I know ppl are excited to send their work, but plz don't send the same project so soon after a rejection. If I reject something and then the same project is sent to me a week later, it's going to be very clear that not enough substantial changes were made #amagenting #querytip

Masha Gunic 🧢 @masha_gunic · 11 Nov 2015

Please, please, please DONT query more than one agent in an agency at a time. I don't like reading the same query more than once #querytip

Masha Gunic 🧢 @masha_gunic · 30 Apr 2015

Remember to not make your queries too long... I still need energy for the actual manuscript! #querytip