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Literary Agent at Writers House, LLC. Wannabe Patriots sportswriter.

New York City

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Alec Shane @alecdshane · 4 Jun 2016

It's summer- which means it's time for my annual #MSWL for a book that represents the definitive work on the history/making of Jaws

Alec Shane @alecdshane · 26 May 2016

Would love to see a MG adventure/mystery with a kid stuntman/woman as the protagonist. #MSWL

Alec Shane @alecdshane · 4 May 2016

#MSWL A book on the 2015-16 Leicester City season and how a 5000-1 team of nobodies with the lowest payroll won their first title in 132 yrs

Alec Shane @alecdshane · 26 Feb 2016

#MSWL an account of American soldiers' time spent at Berga during WWII

Alec Shane @alecdshane · 26 Feb 2016

#MSWL a memoir/account of Charlie Company in the Vietnam War, specifically the battle of June 19, 1967

Alec Shane @alecdshane · 11 Feb 2016

#MSWL MG/YA geared towards boys, mystery, thriller (no agents or terrorists), horror, sports, nonfiction, military, graphic novels

Alec Shane @alecdshane · 11 Feb 2016

#MSWL platform-driven nonfiction where a book acts as an excellent supplement to an already strong presence and brand.

Alec Shane @alecdshane · 10 Feb 2016

#MSWL military history, military memoir, military fiction

Alec Shane @alecdshane · 10 Feb 2016

#MSWL thrillers that don't involve cops or agents or military or the people who are supposed to star in thrillers.

Alec Shane @alecdshane · 10 Feb 2016

#MSWL I've been trying to find a graphic novel forever. So far no luck.

Alec Shane @alecdshane · 10 Feb 2016

#MSWL Horror of all kinds - but preferably no were-things, vampires, or zombies.

Alec Shane @alecdshane · 10 Feb 2016

#MSWL a fun, creepy, MG ghost mystery that takes place in or around an old house and/or cemetery.

Alec Shane @alecdshane · 30 Jan 2016

An Uber driver would make a good protagonist for a thriller. #MSWL

Alec Shane @alecdshane · 13 Jan 2016

Are there any badasses out there who go around breaking up dog fighting rings and wrote a book about it? #MSWL