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Penguin Editorial, superhero nerd, cookie lover. (Opinions my own.)


Sara Schonfeld @SaraSchon · Aug 2

Interested in @NASA 's opportunity to become a Planetary Protection Officer?! Vacancy is open! Learn more on @USAJOBS

tbh #MSWL

Sara Schonfeld @SaraSchon · Feb 10

@SaadiaFaruqi & bunnies, superheroes, spies, adventurers— and, as always, diverse characters, strong voices, and zinging dialogue! #MSWL

Sara Schonfeld @SaraSchon · Feb 10

@SaraSchon hi there. Did you have any ideas for #MSWL yesterday? Would love to know what you are currently acquiring.

@SaadiaFaruqi I'm looking for the wide range—funny readers, strong nonfiction, exciting chapter books, and inventive middle grade! #MSWL

Sara Schonfeld @SaraSchon · Jun 30 2016

Spy, superhero, treasure hunts, heist, and all the action-adventure chapter books! Oh and bunnies, all the bunnies. #MSWL