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I like good books. I cannot lie. MFA from @ColumbiaSOA . Book Slut. Slytherin alum. Lit agent @D4EO . Married to a BadHombre. When I get mad I speak Parseltongue.

New York City


D4EO Literary Agency

Quressa Robinson @qnrisawesome · 2w

We got Spider-man in Queens and Cap in Brooklyn. Can we get someone for the Bronx? #MSWL

Quressa Robinson @qnrisawesome · 2w

@writersrepublic Or like an Indiana Jones meets Leverage type thing, where a crew of women steal back artifacts fro… https://t.co/qX0KDGgZ8u

This, too! #MSWL https://t.co/NNhG6cXdpM

Quressa Robinson @qnrisawesome · 2w

Indiana Jones but a woman that reclaims all the stolen artifacts from white museums and brings them back where they belong. #NoConfederate

#MSWL https://t.co/kOX11wMJmc

Quressa Robinson @qnrisawesome · Jun 23

The Breakfast Club in Space!!! πŸš€#MSWL

Quressa Robinson @qnrisawesome · Jun 23

Murdery Lady Protagonists πŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ’€βš”οΈβš”οΈβš”οΈYA or Adult SF/F #MSWL

Quressa Robinson @qnrisawesome · Jun 8

POC cowboys! Fantasy (epic/dark/historical) or space opera. #MSWL

The Magnificent Seven meets the Gunslinger #MSWL

Quressa Robinson @qnrisawesome · Jun 8

POC cowboys! Fantasy (epic/dark/historical) or space opera. #MSWL

Quressa Robinson @qnrisawesome · May 13

Indiana Jones/Lara Croft but with a black chick (or latinx or asian, or indigenous). #MSWL

Quressa Robinson @qnrisawesome · Mar 22

My husband is Mexican American. If the universe is kind I will have Afro-Chicano babies. Latinx Ownvoices authors send me your stories #MSWL

Quressa Robinson @qnrisawesome · Feb 23

You know what would be great? A fantasy featuring a protag that just happens to be transgender. Even better if POC. YA or A #MSWL #ownvoices

Quressa Robinson @qnrisawesome · Jan 31

YA Romance, please. #mswl The story behind the viral photo of Muslim and Jewish children protesting at O'Hare https://t.co/lyQQ1WIAg6

Quressa Robinson @qnrisawesome · Jan 27

Why is Kim Possible the greatest! I need something like that in my life. #MSWL

Quressa Robinson @qnrisawesome · Jan 5

#Ownvoices Magical Family Saga in the vein of Practical Magic. Bonus if it contains cultural elements a la voodoo or Santeria. #mswl

Quressa Robinson @qnrisawesome · Nov 19

Latina/x or black female protag in Graceling/Queen of the Tearling-esque epic fantasy. Huge plus if there is romance! #mswl

Quressa Robinson @qnrisawesome · Nov 14

A lady protag in a love triangle to choose btwn a dude and and another lady. Or a dude to choose btwn another dude and lady. #mswl

Quressa Robinson @qnrisawesome · Sep 30 2015

Someone please write this!!! https://t.co/4dgtD20adh

Yes! Someone write this. Make sure there is magic. Evil witchy, magic. #mswl https://t.co/Ycd7YcJ9id

Quressa Robinson @qnrisawesome · Aug 4 2015

Magical version of Leverage (I really miss that show). #mswl

Quressa Robinson @qnrisawesome · Jul 31 2015

Would love a story about Morgana and/or a morally ambiguous Merlin. And, a contemporary reimagining of King Arthur as a woman or POC. #mswl