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Leodora Darlington @Leodora_ · 17 Oct 2018

Thinking about wading into the #dvpit thread later got me like...

Writers, check out my pinned thread for my wishlist and sub guidelines. But most of all...


#MSWL #WeNeedDiverseVoices

Leodora Darlington @Leodora_ · 16 Oct 2018

For our YA pitchers, I'm looking for moving fiction that makes me want to laugh and cry. I'm also on the lookout for paranormal romance, so do swing it my way if you have it #MSWL #DVpit

Leodora Darlington @Leodora_ · 16 Oct 2018

Jaw-dropping crime thrillers: gimme gimme gimme! I want twisty psych thrillers, unputdownable crime and would love a look at a conspiracy thriller if you're sitting on one.

I'm also hunting for moving, upmarket or quirky women's fiction, so if you have it I WANT! #MSWL #DVpit