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Jordy Albert ♻️🌎☮️ @bluedragonfly81 · Apr 30

What's up #MSWL ?! I'd love to see a YA Nutcracker retelling.

Jordy Albert ♻️🌎☮️ @bluedragonfly81 · Feb 8

Fun, sexy Regency romance, contemporary romance, and YA sci-fi/fantasy! #MSWL

Jordy Albert ♻️🌎☮️ @bluedragonfly81 · Jul 20 2016

#MSWL contemporary and historical romance (especially regency).

Jordy Albert ♻️🌎☮️ @bluedragonfly81 · Nov 25 2015

#MSWL Romance! [contemporary/historical especially Regency)]. YA contemporary, sci-fi, fantasy (stories with romance are preferred :)

Jordy Albert ♻️🌎☮️ @bluedragonfly81 · Jul 28 2015

#mswl smart, sexy contemporary romance & historical romance (I have a soft spot for regency!)

Jordy Albert ♻️🌎☮️ @bluedragonfly81 · Jul 20 2015

#mswl contemporary romance, historical romance. YA sci-fi and fantasy (must have romance - plz no love triangle). #amquerying #amwriting

Jordy Albert ♻️🌎☮️ @bluedragonfly81 · Apr 20 2015

Smart, sexy, fun contemporary and historical romance. #mswl

Jordy Albert ♻️🌎☮️ @bluedragonfly81 · Feb 24 2015

I'd love to see more romances that feature sports (especially hockey or soccer). #MSWL

Jordy Albert ♻️🌎☮️ @bluedragonfly81 · Feb 18 2015

Things I dislike/tend to shy away from: any kind of abuse and cheating. #MSWL

Jordy Albert ♻️🌎☮️ @bluedragonfly81 · Feb 18 2015

Sci fi/fantasy and contemporary YA w/romance. #MSWL

Jordy Albert ♻️🌎☮️ @bluedragonfly81 · Feb 18 2015

#MSWL smart, sexy, fun contemporary romances w/great character dynamic.

Jordy Albert ♻️🌎☮️ @bluedragonfly81 · Feb 18 2015

"@MKDB: I like antagonists with depth, who are redeemable, and maybe even the protagonist in disguise. #mswl " three!!!

Jordy Albert ♻️🌎☮️ @bluedragonfly81 · Sep 3 2014

#MSWL I would LOVE to see romances in my inbox!!! Contemporary or historical (I do have a wee bit of a soft spot for Regency)