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Jordy Albert πŸ•Š @bluedragonfly81 · 22 Sep 2016

Author friends, I know it's hard to tell sometimes, but plz make sure that the formatting for your query is legible. #amwriting #querytip

Jordy Albert πŸ•Š @bluedragonfly81 · 20 Sep 2016

If you are querying a series or possible series, please query the first book. #querytip #amwriting

Jordy Albert πŸ•Š @bluedragonfly81 · 30 Mar 2016

I've received a few queries recently that were addressed to more than 1 agent. Please be sure to email agents separately #querytip

Jordy Albert πŸ•Š @bluedragonfly81 · 16 Mar 2016

Please note we do NOT open attachments. Also, please remember to address your query to one of our agents. Plz no "Dear Agent" #querytip

Jordy Albert πŸ•Š @bluedragonfly81 · 16 Mar 2016

We're receiving a lot of queries that do not follow submission guidelines. Plz b sure to check our website for guidelines. #querytip

Jordy Albert πŸ•Š @bluedragonfly81 · 28 Dec 2015

It's very dangerous to compare your work to well-known books, and I'd suggest avoiding comparisons. #querytip #pubtip

Jordy Albert πŸ•Š @bluedragonfly81 · 20 May 2015

Please send sample pages for the manuscript you are querying. #querytip #amquerying #pubtip

Jordy Albert πŸ•Š @bluedragonfly81 · 21 Oct 2014

Would anyone be interested in a weekly first page critique? I'll be hosting it on my blog. Please let me know #amwriting #pubtip #querytip

Jordy Albert πŸ•Š @bluedragonfly81 · 16 Sep 2014

#querytip It's always a good idea to research/read books in the genre that you write.

Jordy Albert πŸ•Š @bluedragonfly81 · 16 Sep 2014

#querytip for me, an automatic decline would be a query with just a link to website or Amazon.

Jordy Albert πŸ•Š @bluedragonfly81 · 16 Sep 2014

#querytip most agencies have a "no attachment" policy. It's always best to check before hitting send.

Jordy Albert πŸ•Š @bluedragonfly81 · 16 Sep 2014

#querytip Please remember to include your name and contact information! I will often get queries from authors with no name.

Jordy Albert πŸ•Š @bluedragonfly81 · 10 Sep 2014

Plz research the agents you're going to query. Make sure they represent your genre. You'll be less likely of insta-rejection. #querytip

Jordy Albert πŸ•Š @bluedragonfly81 · 31 Aug 2014

#querytip if you query @BookerAlbertLit, please be sure to specify which agent in subject line. I think many agents request the same.

Jordy Albert πŸ•Š @bluedragonfly81 · 31 Aug 2014

#querytip please make sure you are addressing the correct agent when you query. (Usually auto-decline)

Jordy Albert πŸ•Š @bluedragonfly81 · 31 Aug 2014

#querytip you don't really need to include any excerpts from your story in your query.

Jordy Albert πŸ•Š @bluedragonfly81 · 10 Jun 2014

When you query, please make sure your sample pages are from the beginning. #querytip

Jordy Albert πŸ•Š @bluedragonfly81 · 24 Apr 2014

If you have more than one manuscript, it would be best to query only ONE work at a time. #querytip