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Rachel Diebel 🌻 @diebelra · Jun 5

UHHHH so just saw #Booksmart um um #MSWL please someone write me more friendship love stories I need them nowwww

Rachel Diebel 🌻 @diebelra · May 16

Shannon Doleski @ShannonDoleski

What character are you in a YA?

I'm the sexy villain in a coming-of-age YA. pic.twitter.com/FYJPU1gOt4

"Clueless jock coming of age"

First of all, how dare you, second of all I have been #MSWL-ing this forever, and someday my dream will come true!

Rachel Diebel 🌻 @diebelra · Feb 25

Went hiking this weekend at the creepy/cool ruins of the Cornish Estate in Cold Spring and #MSWL for this setting, let me tell you. There was a tragic romance! A huge fire! There’s gotta be a YA book in there somewhere.

Rachel Diebel 🌻 @diebelra · Jan 8

Today @jcon713 told @Jorjorbiinks and I that we were dressed like two Victorian women out to solve a murder, which A) is how I would like my clothing aesthetic to be described forevermore, and B) Uhhhhh... #MSWL

Rachel Diebel 🌻 @diebelra · 10 Sep 2018

I just want a really excellent wlw or female friendship sports YA so badly #MSWL

Rachel Diebel 🌻 @diebelra · 28 Apr 2018

I *really* want a YA historical fiction about what a badass Isabella Stewart Gardner was #MuseumTrip #MSWL

Rachel Diebel 🌻 @diebelra · 9 Feb 2018

Kat Brzozowski @KatBrzozowski

Soooo when is the made for TV movie about the two Korean women's ice hockey teams having to work together going to air?

Replying to @KatBrzozowski

Kat no, I have dibs on this as a YA about a South Korean girl who falls in love with her North Korean teammate! The hockey book of my dreams #mswl

Rachel Diebel 🌻 @diebelra · 12 Nov 2017

#MSWL please write me the gay hockey novel of my dreams and just make this the plot #juliechu #carolineouellette