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Dana Murphy @manadurphy · 13 Nov 2019

rather than scream more, this is a good opportunity to say that I'd love to work on a book of deeply researched cultural criticism about taste, the value of art, and how both are historically and intrinsically wrapped up in the erasure of disenfranchised voices. #MSWL

Dana Murphy @manadurphy · 24 Sep 2019

Replying to @manadurphy

#MSWL: I've spent most of the last 15 yrs of my life in basements, warehouses, old storefronts across the US listening to live music and meeting the best people. I'd love to see that captured authentically in fiction (but pls god don't write it if you didn't live it.)

Dana Murphy @manadurphy · 24 Sep 2019

as a gal with many straight, strictly platonic, male best friends, I would love to see more of that in both YA and Adult #MSWL

Dana Murphy @manadurphy · 31 Aug 2019

#mswl: give me your GRACE AND THE FEVERs, and RED WHITE AND ROYAL BLUEs, and PUBLIC RELATIONS-es, and EMERGENCY CONTACTs, and THE ROYAL WEs and and and and you get it.

Dana Murphy @manadurphy · 31 Aug 2019

#mswl: give me your characters who don't usually get their love stories told, give me your most charming banter, give me your ideal OTP that you never got to see on screen, give me characters that look like you and your and me and my friends.

Dana Murphy @manadurphy · 31 Aug 2019

#mswl: give me your early/mid/late twenties coming of age, give me your 'how do I pay bills' and 'what do I do now', give me your friend families, give me your friendship is it's own type of glorious romance, give me your 'how can we grow up together'.

Dana Murphy @manadurphy · 31 Aug 2019

some #mswl hopes after losing a book I loved dearly (but ended up at a wonderful home!): give me your big hearted rom coms, give me your novels that feel like the best fan fiction, give me your F/F love stories!!!!, give me your happy endings with just enough angst in the middle.

Dana Murphy @manadurphy · 31 Mar 2019

this may be a surprising ask personal brand-wise but: I desperately want to work on a book about the state of college basketball, written by someone who is not a white man. Is this you? Slide into those dms, baby. #mswl