Ronald Gerber


Literary agent/rights manager at Lowenstein Associates. Kew Gardens resident. Full-time Bruce Springsteen fan. Opinions are my own.

Lowenstein Associates

Ronald Gerber @RGerberAgent · Jul 27

The middle grade in my query inbox has dropped off a lot the past few months. Please send me your middle grade, folks! Especially contemporary and #ownvoices! #MSWL #amquerying

Ronald Gerber @RGerberAgent · Feb 24

I'm always on the lookout for good horror, especially contemporary with a feminist bent! #MSWL

Ronald Gerber @RGerberAgent · Jan 16

Knives Out was one of my favs this past year, and I would love to see more books like that: murder mystery/detective stories or really any classic subgenre with a contemporary, socially conscious twist. #MSWL

Ronald Gerber @RGerberAgent · 12 Aug 2019

I love absorbing commercial fiction with a morbid or dark underpinning. Think @melaniecantor's fabulous Death and Other Happy Endings. #MSWL

Ronald Gerber @RGerberAgent · 29 Jul 2019

#mswl I'd love to see some contemporary fiction centering on adult friend groups who have known each other since high school/college.

Ronald Gerber @RGerberAgent · 3 Jun 2019

I'd love to see more contemporary mysteries with sympathetic protagonists, ordinary people with good humor who are pushed into dark situations. Think Rear Window or Tana French's The Witch Elm. #mswl

Ronald Gerber @RGerberAgent · 29 May 2019

One of my favs of 2019 so far is @wscharer's The Age of Light, and I'd love to get queries for fiction (or nonfiction!) centered around badass women from history whose stories are begging to be told. #mswl

Ronald Gerber @RGerberAgent · 28 May 2019

Hey all #amquerying writers: I am now open to submissions! Check out my page for querying instructions and the genres I'm seeking. No pitches on Twitter, please.