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Literary Agent @ D4EO to the best clients ever(closed to queries). Marketing manager at a cannabis startup. #MtG #BurnDeck #Modern

San Jose CA


Pam Pho @NerdyPam · Feb 5

Hello agents and editors, this will be an #MSWL for my day job at the Chapters App. You can email me at and we can set up a call and I can tell you all the things!

Pam Pho @NerdyPam · 24 Apr 2018

#MSWL a picture book about black licorice finding the one kid that loves him.

Pam Pho @NerdyPam · 3 Mar 2018

#mswl #pb horse librarians in the Great Depression.

Pam Pho @NerdyPam · 2 Jan 2018

Please I want to find an author that writes YA Korean dramas. PLEASE. #MSWL

Pam Pho @NerdyPam · 20 Nov 2017

A picture book where the itsy bitsy spider climbs the waterspout despite his mom telling him not too and gets washed away and has to find his way back with a group of zany friends. #MSWL

Pam Pho @NerdyPam · 12 Nov 2017

#mswl gimme all your books that read like a Korean drama in any genre please. Any and all Asian lit especially Filipino. Query link in bio.

Pam Pho @NerdyPam · 12 Sep 2017

Happy #MSWL day. This is my fourth year asking for a teen female Dead Poet's Society. Also gimme all your MG issue books.