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Dorian Maffei @DorianMaffei · 24 Sep 2019

Give me creepy, whether YA or Adult. I'll keep asking for horror until I get it! Less gore and more psychological #MSWL

Dorian Maffei @DorianMaffei · 1 Aug 2018

Literary horror involving a flower shop or greenhouse #mswl

Dorian Maffei @DorianMaffei · 12 Jun 2018

#MSWL Finally watched SUPER DARK TIMES! Give me a twisty horror! That was the most unsettling movie I've watched in a long time and I definitely did not see that ending coming...

Dorian Maffei @DorianMaffei · 22 Feb 2018

Happy Birthday, Edward Gorey!

#MSWL A horror novel with lots of reveals inspired by Gorey's work (without the sarcasm)