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I ask a lot of questions. Hufflepuff. Lawful Good. Literary #Agentry at @StonesongNYC . Silence is not peace.

Jersey City, NJ


Alyssa Jennette @AlyssaJennette · 31 Aug 2017

#MSWL A YA where a private-school girl starts her own underground crisis management business for classmates. Think Scandal + Gossip Girl.

Alyssa Jennette @AlyssaJennette · 21 Aug 2017

#MSWL Someone gets blinded by the eclipse but now they have superpowers/visions/etc.

Alyssa Jennette @AlyssaJennette · 27 Jun 2017

A YA (think updated MATILDA) where a tough girl harnesses her newfound telekinetic powers to dispense justice at school and at home. #MSWL

Alyssa Jennette @AlyssaJennette · 2 Jun 2017

I would love a picture book that introduces logic concepts. Or an MG whose central character applies logic to a complex mystery! #MSWL

Alyssa Jennette @AlyssaJennette · 15 May 2017

A book that about the fashion world in the vein of how Black Swan treated the ballet world. Think dark and twisty Devil Wears Prada. #MSWL

Alyssa Jennette @AlyssaJennette · 24 Mar 2017

Just learned that firing squads traditionally shoot one blank in the lineup for plausible deniability. Tell me that story. #MSWL