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Alyssa Jennette @AlyssaJennette · Mar 11

A picture book or a literary novel about "Boston marriages." (Notably, Katharine Lee Bates--who wrote America the Beautiful--and Katharine Coman, or Amelia Van Buren and Eva Watson-Schutze.) #MSWL

Alyssa Jennette @AlyssaJennette · Mar 7

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of reading/discovering EXTRA YARN by @macbarnett, illustrated by @burstofbeaden. I would love to see a another picture book like that--generous, warm, and service-driven. #MSWL

Alyssa Jennette @AlyssaJennette · 18 Jul 2018

A Lizzie Magie picture book would be cool! I had no idea who she was until about thirty seconds ago. #MSWL

Alyssa Jennette @AlyssaJennette · 2 Jun 2017

I would love a picture book that introduces logic concepts. Or an MG whose central character applies logic to a complex mystery! #MSWL