Alyssa Jennette Is Closed To Queries!


I ask a lot of questions. Art school grad. Lawful Good. Literary #Agentry at @StonesongNYC . Conservation volunteer @MorganLibrary . Silence is not peace.

Jersey City, NJ


Alyssa Jennette is closed to queries! @AlyssaJennette · Apr 6

Saba Sulaiman @agentsaba

good morning to a new era of socially distant meet cutes

#MSWL, no pandemic strictly required. :)

TBH #MSWL to any mix-up, near-miss, semi-anonymous romance plot. Did they meet over the phone on the tech support hotline? Incredible. The new contractor in the remote office who's funny on Slack but has no social media/photo? Love that.

Alyssa Jennette is closed to queries! @AlyssaJennette · 6 Mar 2018

Anyone have anything fun and romantic and exciting for me to read? #MSWL

Alyssa Jennette is closed to queries! @AlyssaJennette · 12 Sep 2017

Another I'm still dying for: Missed Connections YA romance. I'm a sucker for both parties making the effort to find each other again! #MSWL