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Kelly Van Sant @bookishchick · 1w

My whole #mswl is now just the video for Dua Lipa's New Rules.

Kelly Van Sant @bookishchick · 3w

I want a book that's reminiscent of Top Chef, Great British Bake Off, or Pushing Daisies.

Or features restaurants or bakeries, or home cooking. If you've got a food-heavy YA or MG in any genre, gimme! #mswl

Kelly Van Sant @bookishchick · May 20

Lately I've got a thing for antagonistic girls in fiction.

This whole thread is now urgent #mswl . Send me all your brilliant, confident, manipulative, scheming, ruthless, vul…

Kelly Van Sant @bookishchick · May 20


Antagonistic girls are major #mswl , basically.

Kelly Van Sant @bookishchick · Apr 24

I am still on the hunt for my ideal YA contemporary. Something with humor and heart, a great voice, and deeply personal stakes. #mswl

Kelly Van Sant @bookishchick · Apr 13

Also, YA Orphan Black is still very much on my #mswl so if you've got girls + science + suspense + queer romance + found family: gimme

Kelly Van Sant @bookishchick · Feb 8

I really love heist stories. I want YA w/ an all-girl team. Ocean's 11, Bringing Down the House, Six of Crows w/ diverse girls #MSWL

Kelly Van Sant @bookishchick · Feb 8

Upper MG with a whimsical, high-concept premise, lots of adventure and action, and smart, capable, diverse characters. #MSWL

Kelly Van Sant @bookishchick · Feb 8

Witchy books in YA. The Craft. Practical Magic. Willow & Tara from Buffy. Contemporary or straight-up fantasy. #MSWL

Kelly Van Sant @bookishchick · Feb 8

Fantasy with a disabled character who has magic, but NOT a "magical cure." #ownvoices #MSWL

Kelly Van Sant @bookishchick · Feb 8

Chosen one who would really rather not be chosen, thanks. #MSWL

Kelly Van Sant @bookishchick · Feb 8

Pretty much anything about one of the real, historical ladies from #BygoneBadassBroads by @themackenzilee #MSWL


Kelly Van Sant @bookishchick · Feb 8

A character arc that rivals that of Zuko in Avatar: The Last Airbender. YA or MG. #MSWL

Kelly Van Sant @bookishchick · Feb 8

Women's fiction that is NOT about a bad marriage/relationship. #MSWL

Kelly Van Sant @bookishchick · Feb 8

YA with a diverse ensemble (each with a distinct voice) that has to come together to achieve a common goal. #MSWL

Kelly Van Sant @bookishchick · Feb 8

I've said it before, and I'll say it again: Life is Strange. (the Bae before Bay ending!) #MSWL

Kelly Van Sant @bookishchick · Feb 8

Just a general note, but I'm a sucker for functional teen/parent relationships! Not all parents suck! #MSWL

Kelly Van Sant @bookishchick · Feb 8

I'm longing for a diverse, well-plotted, #ownvoices fantasy with compelling characters and stakes beyond romance. #MSWL

Kelly Van Sant @bookishchick · Feb 8

YA Orphan Black is a major #MSWL for me. Kickass, capable girls. Found family. Thought-provoking sff. Flawed people. Action and wit.

Kelly Van Sant @bookishchick · Jan 27

re @AndrewIhla @kateleth I had to stop what I was doing and pop this out

I mean, others have said #mswl and I gotta agree.