Andrea Somberg @andreasomberg · Feb 8

Would love to find some great commercial fiction by millennials about millennials #MSWL

Andrea Somberg @andreasomberg · Jan 4

Would love to see some great magical realism--adult, YA or MG #MSWL

Andrea Somberg @andreasomberg · Dec 14

I would love to find a great epic fantasy novel set in non-Western culture #mswl ! Also looking for military sf and space opera

Andrea Somberg @andreasomberg · Dec 14

I would love to find a middle grade nonfiction project! #MSWL

Andrea Somberg @andreasomberg · Sep 13

I'm in the mood to read some completely absorbing #mg and #YA ! Love the fall--perfect time to curl up with a great manuscript. #MSWL

Andrea Somberg @andreasomberg · Jul 28

Everyone's kids seem to be at awesome sleepaway camps and I'm feeling nostalgic! Would love to find a good camp-centered mg or YA #MSWL

Andrea Somberg @andreasomberg · Jun 30

Would love to find a novel that explores the dynamics of dysfunctional families, perhaps with a secret at its core #MSWL

Andrea Somberg @andreasomberg · Jun 30

Would love to find a YA or mg fantasy set in a non-Western setting #MSWL

Andrea Somberg @andreasomberg · Jun 30

Looking for character-driven psychological thrillers and heartwarming, humorous cozies. #MSWL #mystery #mystery thriller

Andrea Somberg @andreasomberg · Jun 30

Excited for #MSWL day! Here's a link to my ever-evolving wish list but I'll be tweeting specifics throughout the day

Andrea Somberg @andreasomberg · May 11 2016

I would love to find a family drama novel--something similar in scope to Netflix's Bloodlines… #MSWL

Andrea Somberg @andreasomberg · May 4 2016

If anyone has any middle grade horror out there, would love to see it! #MSWL #mglit #horror

Andrea Somberg @andreasomberg · Apr 20 2016

Would love to find a novel with a quirky family structure or featuring a protagonist who has a secret from their past! #MSWL

Andrea Somberg @andreasomberg · Apr 12 2016

A new post up on #MSWL about some of the things I'm looking for these days: