RO Literary @ROLiterary · Sep 12

September is about beginnings and endings. Schools starting and harvests. In the spirit of beginnings and reaping, our September newsletter offers writing tips, classes and a little Malcolm @Gladwell #nerdcrush #ontheporch #MSWL #amwriting #writingadvice

RO Literary @ROLiterary · Jul 2

Our new series, Publishing 101 is here. Follow RO Literary as we unpack what it means to be a published author. #publishing #mswl #amwriting

RO Literary @ROLiterary · 7 Aug 2016

It's Query Love month at RO. Is your book one in a million?Make sure it is! #mswl #amwriting #querying #querylove

RO Literary @ROLiterary · 30 Jun 2016

#MSWL Women's Fiction/Romance w/strong female protagonist. Upmarket/Commercial. Please, no bodice rippers/ erotica.

RO Literary @ROLiterary · 15 May 2016

Recapping BEA writing and publishing takeaways on the RO podcast. Join us at… #mswl #writing

RO Literary @ROLiterary · 24 Apr 2016

Talking query love on Literary Lunch our new podcast. Give us a listen #mswl #tenqueries

RO Literary @ROLiterary · 21 Apr 2016

Read 6 partials last night-requested two full manuscripts. Love it when a good query fulfills its promise. #MSWL #amwriting #writing

RO Literary @ROLiterary · 16 Apr 2016

My Mistake by @danielmenaker a must read for writers. How to play in the publishing sandbox. #MSWL #memoir

RO Literary @ROLiterary · 3 Apr 2016

We're giving some query love on the RO blog today. Come join us #mswl #amwriting #querytip

RO Literary @ROLiterary · 4 Mar 2016

We don't do rejections. We pass with love. And we take the time to tell you why. Try us. #MSWL

RO Literary @ROLiterary · 1 Mar 2016

So thrilled to announce our new client Michelle McGee @Red_Authoress. Can't wait to get Hour Glass in the hands of editors! #books #MSWL

RO Literary @ROLiterary · 19 Feb 2016

RO Literary is accepting submissions. Entertain us, make us think, show us you can write.!submissions/… #MSWL

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