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editorial assistant at @HarperChildrens . podcaster with @CharacterRev . intersectional feminist. cosplayer. she/her. opinions my own.

New York, NY

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hella steph @captainsteph · Jul 12

I spent my vacation reading every Holmes/Watson fic on The Seventeenth Step and am now craving a genuinely queer Sherlock Holmes YA retelling, historical or contemporary #mswl

hella steph @captainsteph · Jul 10

Hey y'all I'm taking my email off my #mswl page! I can't make exceptions on unsolicited queries and I can't help you find an agent. Agents, you know how Harper emails work, please feel free to still hit me up with ur cool subs anytime. 😉

hella steph @captainsteph · Jun 5

ICYMI, my #mswl page is up! Check it out and then send me like gay unionized fantasy or something. (But actually...)

hella steph @captainsteph · Apr 21

(Still) watching the Prince of Egypt and man I would be deeply down for some of the cool-ass Old Testament stuff like the story of Esther, Judith beheading Holofernes, a romance with David and Jonathan... retold as commercial YA #mswl

hella steph @captainsteph · 20 Aug 2018

Is there a queer YA based on Gilgamesh because i want to read it #mswl

hella steph @captainsteph · 7 Aug 2018

Craving a YA book with the humor and high fantasy action and powerful queer energy of Thor Ragnarok today, friends, any recs? (Also #mswl)