Bridget Smith


aka Breda. Literary agent at JABberwocky. Co-host of @ShipAndHandling publishing podcast. Plays with swords in free time. Way too long-winded for Twitte

New York, NY

JABberwocky Literary Agency

Bridget Smith @bredalot · 24 Sep 2019

Jumping into #mswl late! In general, I am open to a wide range of MG, YA, and adult fiction, and I'm currently taking queries! More info about my general interests here, and if you're not sure, always feel free to query:…

Bridget Smith @bredalot · 19 Apr 2018

In MG & YA, I'm focusing on high-concept contemporary that's sweet, funny, and layered, the kind of book that deals with a couple different kinds of relationship including the MC's feelings about themselves. #MSWL

Bridget Smith @bredalot · 16 Mar 2016

#mswl Surely there's a way to update the feral domesticity of the first Boxcar Children book for a modern MG audience?